This picture Celine Dion posted of herself has become an instant meme and the results are hilarious

This picture Celine Dion posted of herself has become an instant meme and the results are hilarious

Celine Dion is most famous for singing My Heart Will Go On, the epic ballad from the movie Titanic. (Still haven't seen it. Don't tell me how it ends!) Two decades later, the French-Canadian pop artist is still relevant in pop culture. She sang the theme song to the satirical superhero film Deadpool 2, and made headlines by expertly handling a stage-crashing fan. That's right, Celine Dion has stage-crashing fans. She's released 26 studio albums, combined, in French and in English. Put some respeck on her name!

And just in case you doubt her swag, Celine posted a photo of herself on Instagram and it became an instant meme. In the photo, the icon is wearing sunglasses, a canary yellow outfit and gorgeous shoes. Perched on the ledge of an airport window, with the city of Bangkok behind her, she's womanspreading like a boss. It's a dynamic power pose that cements her diva status. She's 50 years old, with the effortless cool of 50 Cent. Recognize.

With its stylish, opulent vibe, the photo is reminiscent of a hip-hop album cover. Twitter user Matthew A. Cherry asked the perfect question: "What is the title of this mixtape?" The Internet did not disappoint, providing a variety of hilarious and witty responses.

Simple, but accurate

And Duchess of Poutine

She sings better than Emma Watson

2pac would be proud

Classic Titanic reference

I make money moves

That is a distinctive shade of yellow



We must charge Rose with murdering Jack

Divas ride alone

Forever, forever-ever, forever-ever

Drake is also Canadian

But this pun's the best

With her extensive back catalog, the puns could continue all day. And they will. Celine same the theme song to a movie about a notorious disaster, but her career is anything. Hopefully now fellow Canadian superstar Drake will recognize her baller status. If they collaborated on a song, it would break the Internet.