Twitter users point out double standards over the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal

Twitter users point out double standards over the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal

This week Khloé Kardashian split from Tristan Thompson after he allegedly cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods. And if all those names mean nothing to you, congratulations! I'm jealous. Quick, close the tab! Run away! Keep your mind pure!

This isn't the first time the Cleveland Cavaliers star has been accused of infidelity. In 2016, Thompson allegedly cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, Jordan Craig, to pursue a relationship with Khloé. Then, in 2018, videos surfaced of him getting cozy with other women while Khloé was pregnant with their daughter, True. Now he allegedly cheated on Khloé again, and she wasn't even pregnant! Who would have thought?

On Instagram Stories, Khloé broke her silence on the scandal, writing, "The worst pain is gettin hurt by a person you explained your pain to. Somebody needs to hear this... that betrayal was your blessing!!! If they ask you about me, tell them: 'She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her.'" Then she posted an image of a woman crying, to illustrate her heartbreak.

Following the the biggest betrayal since the Red Wedding, Jordyn reportedly moved out of Kylie's house. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kylie's makeup company threw shade at Jordyn by slashing the price of her namesake lip liner in half. They also noticed Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney send a chilling message to Jordyn by unfollowing her on Instagram. Now they'll never see her #ThrowbackThursdays, #TuesdayThoughts or #SundayBrunches! It's so unbearably cruel!

In the wake of the drama, fans slammed Jordyn for betraying Kylie, but didn't appear to devote the same energy to slamming Tristan. Also, people noticed that Khloé unfollowed Jordyn on social media, but didn't unfollow Tristan. What's up with that? Several Twitter users pointed out the double standard, asking, "Why y'all not shitting on Tristan Thompson with the same energy that y'all have with Jordyn?" (Kim and Kourtney reportedly unfollowed Tristan, but not Khloé.)

"Now was Jordyn wrong? Yes," stated one Twitter user. "But, if you’re gonna bash her keep the same energy with Tristan sis." "Wait... khloe unfollowed jordyn but NOT TRISTAN!?" asked another person. "She needs to wake tf up & drag this man through the MUD! they’re both equally at fault." A third complained about accountability, tweeting, "I’m calling out the double standard here which is that men don’t EVER get the same amount of heat for cheating as women involved do."

So, if you're going to spend your Friday night lamenting Khloé and Tristan's breakup, remember that both Jordyn and Tristan are at fault. If you're going to make a voodoo doll of Jordyn and stick pins into it while laughing maniacally, it's only fair to make voodoo doll of Tristan too, and sticks pinto it while laughing maniacally. But if you care that deeply about this, it might be healthier to put the voodoo doll away and forget everyone's names for a while.