'Victoria's Secret' model gets destroyed after she diet shamed people who eat In-N-Out

'Victoria's Secret' model gets destroyed after she diet shamed people who eat In-N-Out

Look, guys, life is hard. We're all doing our best, and sometimes we need a nice hot meal or a decadent dessert to get through that tough breakup or that intense project at work. As long as nobody's putting themselves or others in danger for that delicious rush of meal-based endorphins, I say live and let live.

But sadly, not everyone is me. A Victoria's Secret model apparently diet shamed patrons at an In-N-Out on social media, but the rest of the internet was not having it, and proceeded to roast her for her opinion. Yep, it's time for a bit of Twitter shade, folks.

Kelly Gale Credit: Getty

Okay, so who's the Victoria's Secret model in question, who decided to talk smack about the burger darling of the West Coast? As a model at the top of the profession, Kelly Gale is entitled to sticking to a strict diet if she wants to, right? We shouldn't begrudge her that, but she's catching some heat for not expressing the courtesy the other way.

A series of stories on Instagram showed Gale hanging around in an In-N-Out, but rather than head there for a burger and some fries, she simply recorded herself eating a pear, before later parts of the story showed her weirdly conducting a workout in front of the restaurant.

It was... weird.

Kelly Gale Credit: Instagram

"Where's at In-N-Out...so I guess I'm having my pear," says the 23-year-old model, before biting into the fruit and chowing down. She then skipped some rope outside the fast food joint, adding the caption: "Hustle for the muscle, right? Do what you gotta do, right! No excuses guys!"

I suppose she might have been trying to be inspiring, but it came across a lot like diet shaming, and the internet was very quick to point that out, and give out a little shaming of their own. Twitter quickly responded to the Swedish-Australian model's Instagram story, and they had a lot of not-nice things to say about Gale in that moment.

"Must suck to be #KellyGale To go to In N Out and not have a burger or fries animal style," lamented one user. "Makes me pity her sad life. Instead she chose to eat a pear and workout...no one was motivated to do the same. I bet it made the people enjoy the burger even more."

Another went even further, calling Gale "pathetic and unkind".

Kelly Gale beef Credit: Twitter

But not everyone was in agreement that this was a poor show by Gale. Twitter user @MadMadViking was probably not trolling when he delivered this hot take. Okay, fine, he's definitely trolling:

"For everyone freaking out over Kelly Gale, let me point out that only insecure people freak out over things like being told the truth. If she offends you by saying that eating fast food isn't healthy, you are the problem, not her."

But all in all, while Kelly Gale might physically be living the healthier lifestyle by not eating at In-N-Out, her actions that day show that her emotional health might not be as sound.