Will Smith just absolutely ripped his son Jaden in hilarious new Instagram post

Will Smith just absolutely ripped his son Jaden in hilarious new Instagram post

It's not often that you see the child of a celebrity successfully follow in their parent's footsteps. In fact, a lot of the time it ends up being pretty embarrassing, or at least forgettable. But there's always time to turn it around once the pressures of growing up in the spotlight become more bearable in adulthood. To this point, it appears that not only has Jaden Smith made his own name with his debut album last year, but he has been incredibly successful with it too.

Following the announcement of the album, Smith posted various Instagram teasers and five singles before the release of the album in November 2017, at which point things blew up. Selling well and getting good reviews from music critics, Jaden appeared to be taking a step out of his father's shadow - which is pretty difficult given how popular and well-known Will Smith has become over the years.

Speaking to Complex about the launch of the album and his choice of name at the end of last year, Jaden said:

"Syre really just came to me one day. I didn’t know what I was going to call the album, but one day it really really came. I don’t know what happened. It was like a switch—from one second to another, my whole life switched. I realized that Syre was the answer, what I had to move forward with.

"People love to just talk about me by name and say, 'Oh, Jaden Smith this, Jaden Smith that.' It’s time for a new awakening and a new consciousness. Anybody who thinks they know me, this album is something completely different from what they think."

One thing that people immediately took notice of was the single 'Icon', not just for the music but the music video he released alongside it, which is memorable in its own right.

Now with the news that the album is doing well, his father has stepped into the fold to poke a little fun. Paying tribute to the fact that his son's music had reached 100 million streams on Spotify, he posted a video to his Instagram to congratulate him, and mock the Icon music video a little bit while he was at it.

Dressed in what is essentially the 'dad' version of Jaden's outfit, including a shorts, white socks and slippers combo that his son would not touch in a million years, he re-enacted the opening of the video to the delight of fans across the world.

"J Diddy! I'm proud of you, baby. One hundred million streams!" Will says at the end of the video. "Congratulations, man. A hundred million. Congrats! I love you."

Clearly, his heart is in the right place, as he makes fun of his own lack of being 'with it' as much as he takes on his son's style, but this is taking dad jokes to their most extreme, surely, with millions watching around the world.