Will Smith posts adorable throwback of Willow Smith's first ballet class

Will Smith posts adorable throwback of Willow Smith's first ballet class

Will Smith was already beloved by millions after gaining a huge fanbase over a successful career in music and film. You've got his rap career, his starring role in the sitcom the Fresh Prince of Belair, then his appearances in blockbusters like Independence Day and Men In Black - and of course his serious dramatic work, in movies such as Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Now, two of his children - Willow and Jaden - have launched their own careers. Jaden has had some movie roles, such as in After Earth and the remake of The Karate Kid, before going full-time with his rap career. His debut studio album, SYRE, came out last year, receiving favourable reviews from music critics, who praised its creativity and production.

Meanwhile, Willow has ventured into singing, acting and dancing. Her debut album came out in 2015, and her second album was released late in 2017.

While his children set off on their own path, Big Will has made the transition into full-on dad mode, as evidenced by his Instagram page. He's used his account in the past to make fun of Jaden, congratulating him on 100 million streams on Spotify, he told his son "Keep Doin' You," before remaking the 'Icon' music video in a way only a dad could.

Then, in late May he dropped some of his own music again, showing that the Fresh Prince was not as retired as we thought he was, and has contributed to FIFA's world cup song this year.

This week, however, he's used his Instagram to share something incredibly cute. In the Throwback Thursday post, he showed us clips from an old video he took when Willow was much younger. He caught her before and after her first ballet class, where she overcame some nerves and had an "awesome" time. His caption read:

"I found this video of @willowsmith's first Ballet class.  She was terrified!! She tried to cancel the night before. She was getting physically sick from Fear. She thought that it was going to be Painful & that she wouldn't be good at it."

Once she got past her fears and made it to class, she got some praise from her instructor. "Flexibility we have, posture, turnout and a big smile," the teacher shared with Will in the video. "That's what you need."

"It feels good. Since I did it, can I treat me to a book?" she asked her father afterwards. Complying with her request, Will then asked her the question: "Anything you want to say for when you get older?"

"Just do it," Willow replied with a huge grin.

It looks like Willow has taken that advice to heart, taking on the world with plenty of confidence. But the major takeaway from this video seems to be that Willow was a seriously cute little girl, and Will looks like an adorable dad too.