Women are now copying Kylie Jenner by dissolving their lip fillers

Women are now copying Kylie Jenner by dissolving their lip fillers

While Kylie Jenner is on her way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire in history, she's still best known for being part of the ever-contentious Kardashian family.

The beauty mogul shocked fans earlier this year when she revealed that she had gotten her famous lip fillers removed. The fillers were arguably responsible for the launch of her eponymous lip kits, which kickstarted her $630 million business, Kylie Cosmetics.

But although people bought the $29 lip kits in order to mimic Kylie's luscious pout, the reality television star's decision to downsize on her trademark feature has inspired people to do the same.

Dr Nyla Raja of The Medispa, Cheshire, England, has reported a 30 per cent rise in patients requesting to have their lip fillers removed, and she claims that we have Kylie Jenner to thank for the influx of women returning to a more natural look.

26-year-old fitness model Jade Katy has undergone the procedure with Dr Raja and says that she now feels more confident in her own skin. Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-one who hails from Manchester wrote "If there’s one thing I want to teach my daughter it’s that she’s absolutely beautiful exactly how she is and she doesn’t need to make any drastic changes to herself because she is perfect. To teach her that, I wanted to show her through myself and set the best example I could."

"I had lip filler for so many years that it was a comfort blanket & it became something to hide my insecurities and almost hide behind for so many years. I can honestly say thanks to @doctornyla I feel the most confident I have in years since having my filler dissolved, she really is the best there is and I’m really hoping I can set the best example for my baby girl."

Speaking to the Mail Online, Jade continued "I think Kylie Jenner looked stunning before [having her lip fillers removed] but I also think, like myself, as a new mum she maybe had her daughter's interests at heart as well as doing it for herself."

"I’m really glad that such a huge influence, especially to young girls, is showing that you don’t need fillers to be confident in your own skin. I really hope that more and more girls see that they don’t need to save up hundreds of pounds and go through pain to be beautiful as they absolutely already are."

Back in June, Kylie took to the comments section of a selfie to let fans know that she "got rid of all" her fillers. The Keeping Up with The Kardashians star replied to a follower who was wondering why "she [looked] like the old Kylie here."

While Kylie hasn't issued any further comment on the subject since then, an unidentified source told Entertainment Tonight that it had something to do with having her daughter, Stormi Webster. "During Kylie's pregnancy, she wasn't getting her usual fillers or putting on much makeup," the source explained. "Kylie really fell in love with the natural look, and wanted more of that, so she decided to stop putting filler in her lips."

Whatever works for you, Kylie.