15 Filthy jokes from 'The Simpsons' that totally went over your head as a kid

15 Filthy jokes from 'The Simpsons' that totally went over your head as a kid

The Simpsons may not be as good as it once was - but in its golden years, it was truly something special. It had something for all the family - as a kid I would laugh at Homer's slapstick humour and Bart's mischief, but for older viewers, there were also more complicated jokes that would make them laugh too.

However, there were some jokes in the show that parents were not too keen to explain to their children. The fast-paced nature of the show meant that a lot of the more adult jokes on the show would fly by without many of us noticing at all - but when you look back on it, you'll be surprised by how risqué some of the jokes they got away with were...

1. Smithers has some opinions on sea-men

"I think women and sea-men don't mix."

2. Bart "comes out of the closet"

3. Lisa feels funny about wearing white at her wedding

"Milhouse doesn't count."

4. A filthy sign

If you don't get it, think about what the store's rhyming title used to be.

5. Another sign gag

Not the most safe-for-work acronym.

6. A quick romance

"I'm going to the backseat of my car, with the woman I love - and I won't be back for ten minutes!"

7. Bart accidentally makes the wrong purchase

Not quite the pencil-holder he was looking for.

8. Stopping off for the night

At the 'Sleep Eazy Motel'... oh wait.

9. When sex ed goes wrong...

"Throbbing biological urges"

10. Otto gets duped

Not what he was looking for...

11. One of Bart's future lovers

"Wow, now I see why they call you Miss Hoover."

12. Check out that opening sign

They certainly have a way with words.

13. "You can't have any fun in bed"

"When you're older you'll know better."

14. Some suggestive footage

"What do you think mom and dad are doing right now?"

15. Misreading a label

No way you'd have a clue what this was when you were little.

Next time you catch a re-run of The Simpsons, you'll be surprised by how many of them contain jokes you never got until now - and even more shocked when you realise how many dirty gags there are too!