Build-a-Bear unveils new 'Deadpool' bear

Build-a-Bear unveils new 'Deadpool' bear

You know, there are plenty 0f superheroes out there that are great role models for kids. They might wear capes and tights, but those classic characters still bear important didactic messages.

A few examples: Batman teaches children that they can overcome terrible tragedy by channelling their grief into something productive. Spider-Man shows us how important it is to do the right thing, even when it isn't easy or we're unappreciated. The Thing shows us that even is someone looks scary and different, they can still be kind, intelligent and brave.

Check out the trailer for Deadpool in all its R-rated glory below:

But there's one superhero out there who's definitely not for kids. Yes, I'm talking about the merch-with-the-mouth himself Deadpool, whose movies are (hilarious) sweary bloodbaths. He might wear a colourful costume, but he's not the stuff of Saturday morning cartoons.

However, that hasn't stopped the popular cuddly toy chain, Build-A-Bear, from coming up with a brand new creation: a stuffed bear that looks exactly like the eponymous character: sporting his signature red and black bodysuit and mask.

On its official Twitter feed, Build-A-Bear shared an image of the toy, and captioned the picture: "Here comes #Deadpool! Now you can show your love for the chimichanga loving character that’s captured everyone’s hearts with this online exclusive collector’s item! [sic]" 

Meanwhile, the product's item description states: "This action-packed character is outrageously fun as an online exclusive collector's item. He even comes with a plush sword accessory set that can attach to his back or wrists. Build-A-Bear as Deadpool is a wacky, zany and mouthy hero that’s a must-have for your collection!"

The character of Deadpool was first created by artist and writer Rob Liefeld back in 1991, in the 98th issue of the X-Men spin-off series The New Mutants, and was based on the DC character Deathstroke.

However, the character's fourth-wall-shattering postmodern dialogue proved to be a hit with comics readers, and he soon gained his own series, starring alongside the time-travelling anti-hero Cable.