'Buzz' from 'Home Alone' appears in a hit new Netflix show and fans are loving it

'Buzz' from 'Home Alone' appears in a hit new Netflix show and fans are loving it

It may have been almost 30 years since Home Alone was first released, but fans of the Christmas favorite are still as vocal as ever. Twitter lit up over the past couple of days and Netflix subscribers binged the new original, Russian Doll. The show, which stars Orange Is The New Black actress, Natasha Lyonne, has been receiving a lot of attention and praise since being released onto the streaming service. However, it wasn't Lyonne that got viewers talking - it was Buzz from Home Alone!  Viewers were delighted to spot actor Devin Ratray, who played Macaulay Culkin's mean older brother Buzz in the 1990 film, in the second episode of the show.

Credit: Netflix

The show, which stars Lyonne as Nadia, a woman who keeps dying on her 36th birthday and reliving the day, included a cameo appearance from Ratray. Ratray is only on screen for one scene, starring as an annoying customer in a store that complains to Nadia about his life, but that didn't stop fans from getting excited.

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One wrote on Twitter: "I’m watching Russian Doll on @netflix and I spotted Buzz from HOME ALONE in the early bodega scene despite not having seen him since HOME ALONE 2. I have a gift!"

Another eagle-eyed viewer tweeted: "Feeling pretty proud of myself that I recognised Buzz from Home Alone in Russian Doll."

One user thought that perhaps the Russian Doll universe was set in the Home Alone universe, and that Ratray was still playing Buzz: "So, one thing I liked about RUSSIAN DOLL is that I found out what happened to Buzz from Home Alone." He later tweeted again after finding yet another link between the two: "Wait! Holy sh*t. Natasha Lyonne was the babysitter in Dennis the Menace, and she made out with..... Buzz from Home Alone. The threads all connect!"

One Buzz fan tweeted out: "Buzz McAllister is in @RussianDoll #HomeAloneForever"

One fan got VERY excited by the bullying brother's appearance, writing: "BUZZ FROM HOME ALONE IS IN RUSSIAN DOLL! I REPEAT, BUZZ FROM HOME ALONE IS IN #RUSSIANDOLL! Well, an episode, anyways."

Russian Doll has been getting a lot of praise online, with the dark comedy securing a coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show was created by Lyonne, who teamed up with Parks and Recreation star and SNL alum Amy Poehler and comedy writer Leslye Headland and has seen great success since its release on February 1st.

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The show is so popular, in fact, that it is already in demand for a second season. Lyonne has told The Hollywood Reporter: "We definitely pitched it as this three-season idea and yet it’s so interesting to think about how that shapes and morphs in the time since making it,” she said. “Who knows if we’ll be lucky enough to go back down the rabbit hole. That’s tomorrow’s question. But I think we have some ideas."
If Russian Doll does come back for a second season, which, knowing Netflix is more than likely, Home Alone fans will assuredly be waiting for another appearance from Buzz.