Fans are relating hard to Kevin Hart absolutely freaking out at live animals on TV

Fans are relating hard to Kevin Hart absolutely freaking out at live animals on TV

Everybody loves looking at wild animals at the zoo, because you're safely separated by a cage or glass enclosure. But would you hold a snake? Would you let a tarantula crawl on your head? Would you let a falcon with powerful, sharp talons land on your arm? The thought of physical interaction could make the biggest animal lover freak out.

Last night, Jimmy Fallon took a break from playing beer bong with Kardashians to feature some wild animals on The Tonight Show. Robert Irwin, the 14-year-old son of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brought a baby ostrich, two kingsnakes, a tarantula, and a falcon. But the best part? Kevin Hart was there, too, and absolutely freaked out.

First, Robert introduced Giselle, a baby ostrich. "You can kiss my ass!" said Kevin, who immediately fled to the other end of the stage. When she made an adorable chirping noise, Kevin quipped, "Know what she's saying? I want some little black man!" Robert said Giselle looks cute, but she'll grow up to be powerful. Adult ostriches are capable of running 40 miles per hour, with legs that can kill a lion. This did not persuade Kevin to come any closer.

Next, Robert introduced two kingsnakes. Jimmy was down to hold one, but Kevin? Not so much. "Let me tell you what I've gotten really good at in my life. Saying no," quipped the Night School star. "My ass is sweating, Jimmy! I got so much sweat drippin' down my ass right now." (Can Kevin Hart be in all these animal segments, from now on?)

Jimmy tried to convince Kevin to hold the next animal, without telling him what it was. "Just close your eyes and put your hands out." "This is how black people die in horror movies," Kevin joked. The animal was Big Red, a tarantula. The crowd chanted Kevin's name, to coax him into holding it, but he was not persuaded. Instead, Jimmy held the tarantula, and Kevin tried to frighten it into biting him. "Jimmy!" screamed Kevin, beating the host's desk. (Can Kevin host a show on Animal Planet, please?)

For the grand finale, Robert brought out Squire, a falcon, "really quick," with "sharp, killing claws." Once again, Kevin was not excited. "You know what birds like? Small objects," quipped the 5'4" actor. However, this time, he was game to participate. Squire flew over the studio audience to Jimmy, and then back to Kevin on stage. His terrified reaction was priceless. "Jimmy, get it!" cried Kevin. "Jimmy, get it!" But the host ignored his pleas. Some say he's still standing on that stage today, with the falcon perched on his arm.

Fans could relate to the Jumanji star's freakout. The hilarious segment went viral, and already has over three million views. Some people to prefer to watch wild animals from behind the safety glass at the zoo, or their computer screen at home. But for entertainment purposes, Kevin Hart should always interact with them live.