Game of Thrones fans mock new Daenerys waxwork for looking more like John Snow

Game of Thrones fans mock new Daenerys waxwork for looking more like John Snow

Ireland's National Wax Museum in Dublin is being mercilessly trolled after unveiling its new Daenerys Targaryen waxwork.

Timed to coincide with the eighth and final season of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, which is partially filmed in Ireland, the waxwork bears little resemblance to the character who is currently on a mission to sit on the Iron Throne.

Check out Kit Harrington gagging after kissing Emilia Clarke:

Now, just in case you've forgotten what Emilia Clarke's stunning Mother of Dragons looks like on the hit show, here's a little reminder:

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones in a blue dress. Credit: HBO

And this is what the National Wax Museum Plus showcased to the world:

In an interview with FM104 Laoise Keaveney, from the National Wax Museum Plus, said:

"It's our first waxwork this year and we're delighted to add an extra woman to the museum.

"Game of Thrones obviously is huge in Ireland and it's filmed in Ireland and we thought the best thing is to add a woman from Game of Thrones to the museum.

"She stands in our grand hall of fame now."

While the waxwork might be in the museum's "grand hall of fame", it has earned a different kind of fame online, with commenters comparing its likeness to Jon Snow, David Bowie, and even a heroin addict.

Reactions to a waxwork of Emilia Clarke. Credit: Facebook

Eithne O'Shea blasted the model, saying how the imitation "looks nothing like her". Whereas another unimpressed user, Aidan Leonard, asked if they repurposed an old David Bowie model in order to create the Mother of Dragons.

These are scathing reviews, especially considering the figure took artist PJ Heraghty about six months to complete, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

More reactions to a waxwork of Emilia Clarke. Credit: Facebook

Facebook user Nick Christopher Carpenter joked: "I feel like the museum forgot to Google what Emilia [Clarke] looks like before making this."

But perhaps Ian McDermott-McLoughlin summed it up perfectly when he coined a new nickname for this new Daenerys: "The Queen of heroin addicts".

Now, I'm no expert on waxworks, but I think it's safe to say that the creator of this one should probably consider a career change. Grand hall of viral fame indeed!

And finally, who has Emilia Clarke told about the Game of Thrones finale?