Here's what little Lavender from 'Matilda' looks like these days

Here's what little Lavender from 'Matilda' looks like these days

Forget Eleven from Stranger Things - everyone knows the coolest girl with telekinetic powers was Matilda. In the movie, based on the classic children's book by Roald Dahl, Matilda is a six-year-old genius who uses her special abilities to deal with her abusive parents and tyrannical principal, Mrs. Trunchbull. The film came out in 1996, and for many people, still brings back fond memories of childhood.

Now the child actors in the movie are all growed up. Mara Wilson, who played Matilda, has mostly left the acting industry, pursuing a career as a writer instead. And remember Bruce Boxtrotter, the overweight kid who was forced to eat that giant chocolate cake? The actor, Jimmy Karz, lost all those extra pounds and is training to become a doctor at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. (No word on if he still likes chocolate cake.)

But what about little Lavender? You remember her framed glasses, cool braids and floral dresses.  She was Matilda's first friend, and pranked the cruel Principal Trunchbull by putting a newt in her water. Well, Kiami Davael played Lavender in the movie and is now 31 years old. While you don't see her on the big screen these days, she is active on social media. Here's what "little Lavender" looks like two decades later.

I bet you feel pretty old right now! Well, although Matilda came out in 1996, it still holds a special place in Kiami's life. On Instagram, she frequently shares photos of children dressed as Lavender for Halloween. Also, she shared a throwback pic of herself and Mara from while they were filming.

In the caption, she says starring in the children's fantasy movie was a blessing:

"I've grown up, my circle around me is now smaller than ever & people have revealed their ugly truths in ways I would have never imagined.

"But this right here ... THIS moment will FOREVER REMAIN true & pure. My present & my future (regardless of 20, 50 or 80 years) are NOTHING without this blessing from God. Just a small town girl from humble beginnings, changing the world, one smile at a time."

And she still keeps in touch with Mara Wilson! In 2015, she shared a photo of her and Mara on a lunch date. (I wonder how often people asked Mara, "What's 13 times 379?") Kiami wrote, "Lunch date with my sis from another miss @MaraWritesStuff ? #WeStillHang #SoHappyToSeeHer #BFF #JustLikeTheOldDays." The only thing that would make this picture better is Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman. And Jimmy Karz with a giant chocolate cake.

Well, life knocks us in different directions like pinballs, but it's good to see Lavender is doing well, and still keeps in touch with Mara. Now, how about a Matilda sequel? We all know she could kick Eleven's ass.

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