John Krasinski admits he cried 25 minutes into watching wife, Emily Blunt, in 'Mary Poppins Returns'

John Krasinski admits he cried 25 minutes into watching wife, Emily Blunt, in 'Mary Poppins Returns'

While Jim and Pam were one of the best TV couples in The Office, John Krasinski's real-life relationship is a firm competitor. Krasinski and fellow actor Emily Blunt have been dating since 2008, became engaged in 2009, and married in a private ceremony in 2010 in Italy. Since then, the couple have had two daughters together, Hazel in 2014 and Violet in 2016, and earlier this year even starred as a couple looking out for their family in the horror movie A Quiet Place, which Krasinski also directed.

They seem to have a loving bond, which becomes especially clear when you hear how Krasinski talks about his wife.

In an interview with Playboy in March this year, the actor spoke about how he fell in love with his wife. "I think my wife gets me," he said. "Not just to sound adorable, but the truth is she gets me more than anyone else has ever gotten me."

Not only was he a huge fan of her before they dated, but he even had a magazine with her on the cover, which he accidentally left out when she came over to his home once. However, Blunt was definitely not a fan of getting too starstruck with each other's acting talents:

"I remember being at my house and saying to her, 'So I just want to have this really honest conversation. I think you’re one of the best act—' I didn’t even get out 'actress'. She went, 'No, no, no, no!' very loud. We didn’t have that conversation again for a really long time, and it saved our relationship.

"[We] just looked at it as though we were two people who had fallen in love, rather than two Hollywood celebrities who’d met each other."

If that wasn't adorable enough, wait until you hear how his wife and family impacts his work life. For Krasinski, family is "a non-negotiable thing," and he makes sure to make his work fit around seeing them.

While he was filming the Amazon series Jack Ryan in Montreal, Blunt was filming Mary Poppins Returns in London - but still he made sure to fly 6,000 miles to see her every single weekend.

"So if I'm honest, I was shooting 6,000 miles away from them, and I flew back every single weekend," he told People Magazine. "So [the kids] were with [Emily], and we always set up a base, and I always want the base to be with their mom, and I’ll do the flight time."

Now that Mary Poppins returns is on its way to theatres soon, Krasinski was asked about it during an appearance he made on The Ellen Show. Getting to see his wife's movie early, he revealed that it only took him 25 minutes to go for the tissues - and once he got to them, he realised he didn't have enough to hold them back.

"I blew through the tissue box in 20 minutes," he said. "I had to go to the napkins, and then when I ran out of the napkins, it was all sweater."

Hopefully Krasinski is right on the money with this one, and Blunt's Christmas movie wows us when it lands later this month.