Netflix add-on invented for people who can never decide what to watch

Netflix add-on invented for people who can never decide what to watch

Perhaps one of the most irritating first world problems out there is being unable to decide what to watch at dinner time.

It never gets easier, and it always follows the same pattern. Our spaghetti bolognese is finally ready, our sofa is comfy and we're ready and raring to go - only to realise that we haven't pre-arranged what Netflix show to stream while we eat.

Desperately sifting through the thousands of shows and movies available, our dinner starts to go cold, and before we know it, by the time we finally land on a TV program, our plate of spag bol is long gone. What if I told you this problem could be fixed though?

Speaking of Netflix, have you seen the trailer for season three of Stranger Things?

There is hope on the horizon for the hopelessly indecisive ones of us out there, in the form of a new extension that will choose an episode for us.

ShuffleFlix, a new extension from the team at Flixed, adds a 'Random Episode' button to Netflix - meaning that when you tune in to watch a re-run of your favourite show but can't quite land on an episode, ShuffleFlix will decide for you!

If you’re already in the middle of playing an episode, you can also see a new button in the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like two arrows. Click that, and you’ll move on to a new random episode.

Netflix Credit: Netflix

The nifty add-on was first reported on back in April, with the streaming service revealing that they were "testing" it for Android users.

"We are testing the ability for members to play a random episode from different TV series on the Android mobile app," a Netflix spokesperson told Variety. "These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent."

Friends scene Credit: Netflix

It's not known how the test is going, but the video service regularly tries out new features with a subset of its viewers, then comparing the results to metrics from members without access to the new feature.

So, all in all, the future looks bright for those of us who are incapable of making a decision before our dinner goes cold! Amen to that!