Netflix viewers left 'mentally f***ed' by horrifying new movie 'Girl On The Third Floor'

Netflix viewers left 'mentally f***ed' by horrifying new movie 'Girl On The Third Floor'

If you're after a movie that is creepy, terrifying, and full of bodily fluids, then look no further, because Netflix users are heaping praise on the latest horror to hit the streaming platform, Girl On The Third Floor.

Now viewers have been taken to Twitter to reveal how they have been left "mentally f***ed" by the 'disturbing' Dark Sky Films flick.

Check out the creepy trailer for the movie below:

The plot follows a man called Don Koch (played by former WWE Champion CM Punk, AKA Phillip Brooks), as he attempts to renovate a rundown Victorian mansion for his family in a bid to distance himself from his sordid past.

However, located in the suburbs of Chicago, the house is actually a former brothel that carries a terrifying history of its own, and Koch quickly realized that fatal consequences occur when he tries to battle against the supernatural building.

Twitter user @evanjsweet heaped praise on the movie, writing: "Girl on the Third Floor is stuck in my brain and I can’t quite shake it. Please watch this movie. It gave me a sense of unease unlike any film I’ve seen in recent memory."

And @mannyfests tweeted: "Watch Girl on the Third Floor on Netflix if you want to get mentally f***ed on a whole other level"

Girl On The Third Floor is CM Punks feature-length debut, and in an interview with ScreenRant, the former WWE Superstar said he believes he has found his "new drug" in acting:

"I think this is my new drug. I was addicted to showing up on set and being better than I was the day before, so my goal now is, whatever project is next, I want to learn more. I want to become a better actor, and I want to keep my options open. If I get a good script and I'm working with great, quality people, chances are I'm going to try to do as many of these as I possibly can.

"I had, like, unlimited fun. I can't stress enough how everybody was amazing to work with, even on the hardest shoot days when it was stressful. Everybody lifted everybody else up. Hopefully, I'll be in a lot more of these!"

The movie's director Travis Stevens also spoke with ScreenRant about what viewers should bear in mind going into the movie:

"I would say one of the keys to this movie is, don't take anything at face value. We have a guy who goes to the house and you assume he's a good guy, but maybe he's not a good guy. Then you've got a female protagonist who you may have some feelings about, but then you learn those were incorrect. I think that's basically it. Don't take it at face value. Look deeper."