New horror movie 'Tigers Are Not Afraid' is being praised by Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro

New horror movie 'Tigers Are Not Afraid' is being praised by Stephen King and Guillermo Del Toro

Soon Halloween will be upon us yet again, the season of trick-or-treating, costume parties, and scary movies. Horror fans already have IT: Part Two to look forward to, but now it seems as though a certain creepy movie has been making waves online, and scaring the crap out of anyone who views it.

In fact, it's apparently so good that it's earned the illustrious praise of two modern masters of horror: none other than Spanish director Guillermo Del Toro, and famed novelist Stephen King, who have both spoken about how good it is on social media.

Check out the trailer for Tigers Are Not Afraid in the video below:

Stephen King first recommended the movie back in 2017, when he tweeted to his many millions of followers, saying: "TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, directed by Issa Lopez: this is one terrific film, both tough and touching. Two minutes in, I was under its spell [sic]." Meanwhile, Guillermo Del Toro called the movie "innovative, compassionate and mesmerising."

The movie's official synopsis states: "A haunting horror fairytale set against the backdrop of Mexico’s devastating drug wars, Tigers Are Not Afraid follows a group of orphaned children armed with three magical wishes, running from the ghosts that haunt them and the cartel that murdered their parents."

It adds: "Filmmaker Issa López creates a world that recalls the early films of Guillermo del Toro, imbued with her own gritty urban spin on magical realism to conjure a wholly unique experience that audiences will not soon forget."

Commenting on the movie in a recent interview, director Issa López stated: "The stories of these children fighting for survival just across the border, and the dreams and nightmares that follow them, is one that needs to be told now more than ever. Fantasy and horror are sometimes the best vehicle to tell the most vital stories."

Man, I can't wait to see this movie, although I sure won't be watching it after dark...