Newly emerged photos from the set of 'Game of Thrones' reveal further clues on the final season

Newly emerged photos from the set of 'Game of Thrones' reveal further clues on the final season

All us Game of Thrones fans (Throners? Throneys?) are eagerly anticipating the final season of the show, with the wait being pretty unbearable this time around. It was bound to happen, with the amount of story they have to get through in the eighth season, but waiting until 2019 feels like far too long to be sat around speculating.

But speculating is what we do, and some of the most intensely-dedicated fans out there will pick up on every detail of the production in case they uncover a clue. Similarly, all of the cast and crew have to be careful with what they say at the moment. It doesn't matter if they are starring in a hot new blockbuster or a fascinating play - journalists are going to want to hear about the fantasy show they're best known for, and they have to make sure they don't give too much away.

So far, they've all been pretty good with keeping secrets - and sometimes they may even be throwing us off the scent by telling us that there are multiple endings being filmed to avoid spoilers. The fact is, we're pretty clueless for the most part. However, to satisfy those of us who just have to find out something, there are people taking photos of the studio in which the show is filmed.

Photos have been taken of the Belfast studios where the hit HBO series is currently being shot, and they may just give us some insight into the final episodes. One photo, taken on the 20th May and shared by Irish Thrones, shows part of Daenerys' green screen dragon rig outside of Titanic Studios - where many of the King's Landing scenes are filmed.

Over the last week, the lot has been taken up with what appears to be smashed up parts of the architecture of King's Landing. Irish Thrones reports seeing "broken pillars, ornaments and King's Landing remnants" around the studios, as well as ceiling tile props.

This seems to imply that King's Landing will come under attack, and Daenerys and her dragon may make an appearance - possibly to reign down destruction from above.

There have also been various stars spotted together in the area, some who are not meant to be in the fantasy series anymore. The production is in the final stages of filming at the moment, so it stood out when Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays Jaime Lannister) and Sean Bean (who played Ned Stark) were seen hanging outside a hotel in the area.

We also recently saw Jason Momoa very publicly share his night out with the cast and crew on Instagram. He did insist he was only in Belfast "for kisses and hugs and the black stuff," but he could be just throwing us off.

Apparently, these final six episodes could each be the length of a movie, so there's plenty of room for a couple of flashbacks here and there. So maybe we will be seeing Ned and Drogo return for a scene or two, before Daenerys brings the roof down.