People are calling this the "worst acceptance speech" in Oscars history

People are calling this the "worst acceptance speech" in Oscars history

The eyes of the entertainment industry are currently on the winners of the 2019 Oscars. While there were a lot of memorable moments (like Rami Malek falling off stage after winning Best Actor but still managing to protect his golden idol), one which stood out for all the wrong reasons was Vice's acceptance speech for Best Hair and Makeup.

The award was accepted by Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe, and Patricia Dehaney, who, more used to being behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry, were clearly overwhelmed by the situation and awkwardly fumbled through their speech.

And, perhaps for the first time in Oscars history, the lights were actually turned off on the winners.

To see the trio struggling for yourself, check out the video below:

They won the Academy Award for their work in the movie which saw them transform Christian Bale into former Vice President Dick Cheney. While Cannon has received ten nominations before and, as of last night, four competitive wins, it was Biscoe and Dehaney's first.

The speech begins with Cannon thanking various people in the audience, including Bale, before he is joined at the mic by Biscoe and Daheney who proceed to pull out a single sheet of A4 people and ask, "Did you read this?"

What proceeds is an absolute car crash of an acceptance speech, but one I cannot stop rewatching.

The awkward speech was compared to high school presentations on Twitter, with some even branding it the "worst Oscars acceptance speech ever."

Along with Hair and Makeup, Vice earned an impressive eight Oscar nominations, but this was without a doubt the team's most unforgettable moment of the evening.