People are raving about Netflix's latest supernatural horror series 'October Faction'

People are raving about Netflix's latest supernatural horror series 'October Faction'

Ladies and gentleman, grab your popcorn and a blanket to hide under, because you're next Netflix binge is sorted (you can thank me later).

Premiering on Netflix last week, the supernatural sci-fi horror is based on the comic book of the same name by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, and follows the story of married monster hunters Deloris and Fred, as they attempt to keep their sinister profession a secret from their teenage children, twins Geoff and Viv.

Check out the intense trailer for the first series below:

The show stars Tamara Taylor (Bones, Lost) and J. C. MacKenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street, House of Cards) as the globetrotting monster hunters, with Aurora Burghart (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Slasher) playing their twin children. 

And Twitter couldn't stay quiet about the new show, with many viewers rushing to praise the Netflix series and to encourage everybody who's anybody to watch it.

One Twitter-user writes: "Watching #OctoberFaction on Netflix. It's like a CW supernatural show from the early 2010s except they can say 'f**k.' Also, a romance between two handsome gay men of color!"

And another user by the name of Izzy Burrow echoed the non-stop praise, writing: "I just literally binge watched all ten episodes of #OctoberFaction. I loved it! Please let there be a season 2!"

And BaconBoi_R6 tweeted: "I accidentally watched the entire season overnight (couldn't resist) one Hell of a show, super badass and now my favorite show on Netflix. Ready for season 2 [sic]".

Speaking to Hidden Remote about the show, star J. C. MacKenzie reveals how the characters aren't just faced with dangerous monsters, but also series issues such as homophobia and racism plaguing the family. MacKenzie explained:

"[The series] is both a supernatural thriller and a character-driven family drama about a marriage—really, the ups and downs of marriage. And homophobia and racism. Homophobia: My son (played by Gabriel Darku) is gay on the show.

"And the racist stuff that we mentioned because of the nature of this town."

The first series currently has 10 episodes available to stream - all of which I consumed at the weekend (yeah, I didn't wash...).