Ryan Reynolds is absolutely hilarious in new 'Deadpool 2' blooper reel

Ryan Reynolds is absolutely hilarious in new 'Deadpool 2' blooper reel

Deadpool, by all box office calculations, was a monumental hit. The 2016 movie lambasted various quirks and tropes of the superhero genre, as well as bringing all the curse words, ultra-violence and strange sexual references you never thought would be allowed in these kinds of movies - and it really paid off.

The first film ended up clearing up $132 million just on its opening weekend in the United States, and by the end of its 18-week run in theatres, it cleared up $783 million. This made it the top-grossing X-Men movie, gave it the title of the highest opening weekend gross for a Rated R film, bringing the outsider idea into the big leagues.

So, of course, there was a sequel on the cards - and there was no way Deadpool was going to return to our screens without being extremely self-aware about the whole thing. Earlier this year we were treated to Deadpool 2, which also made a hell of a lot of money - though a little bit less than its predecessor managed to rope in.

Personally, the only major disappointment I had with the movie was that they weren't allowed to go with any of their initial out-there ideas for the sequel's title. Speaking to BBC Radio 1 back in May, Deadpool's real-life alter ego Ryan Reynolds revealed that they came close to veering off course with the naming:

“Deadpool: Escape From Unicorn Mountain. Deadpool: Electric Boogaloo. Deadpool: Suburban Commando 2. We had a ton of them. Like, honestly, a hundred of them.

"I think it was just so kind of amusing to read them all, that we just sort of forgot to actually put one of them on the thing. I remember, I kept getting emails from one of the studio executives, saying ‘Have you settled on a name for the movie?’ And I was like ‘Deadpool 2? That sounds great.’"

“I know Electric Boogaloo had it’s moment. Which would’ve been really fun. I think that’s the only one that really got through to anybody.”

Now that the we've gone through the pre-release hype and the movie has been and gone from cinemas, it's time for the blu-ray and DVD to give us access to all that behind-the-scenes content. There's the usual commentary, production featurettes and deleted scenes, but one aspect fans are always keen to see is the blooper reel - and this one didn't disappoint.

There are definitely some gems in this video, but I think the little clip of Brad Pitt on set was a highlight for me. His split-second cameo in the film was a great surprise, and it's less surprising that he couldn't make it through without cracking up at least once.

Not only that, but the DVD special features also brought us some great scenes that were unfortunately scrapped and left on the cutting room floor, but now they're online and are definitely worth a watch.