Sexy 'Mr Rogers' Halloween costume has left the internet stunned

Sexy 'Mr Rogers' Halloween costume has left the internet stunned

There's no doubt that Mr Rogers is one of the most beloved television personalities ever. His children's program ran for over 30 years on PBS, and taught millions of kids how to learn, love, and accept themselves just the way they were. His kindness and empathy for his neighbours exuded off the screen, and even now, insulting Mr Rogers is a surefire away to provoke controversy.

Which is probably why a bizarre Halloween costume has gone viral on social media this week, which is allegedly a 'sexy' version of Mr Rogers for women. If you're disturbed by the implications of the above sentence then congratulations: you still have some semblance of innocence.

The Yandy 'Nicest Neighbour' costume for women consists of a tight and revealing red sweater-vest, a tie and collar, frilly white socks, and a pair of grey booty shorts, all for just $59.95. Did Mr Rogers ever wear short shorts? "No" is the answer, and neither should someone impersonating him.

Yandy's director of brand marketing Alicia Thompson stated: "Our goal at Yandy is to create costumes that are sexy, fashion-forward and lighthearted. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither do our customers."

She added: "We know Halloween is a time to dress up, have some fun and also be sassy. Yandy shoppers are witty, smart and don’t shy away from a bit of snarkiness, which makes them all the more sexy, in our opinion."

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Mr Rogers movie below: 

Hopefully the upcoming Mr Rogers movie, starring Tom Hanks and based on the Tom Junod profile Can You Say 'Hero?' will paint a rather different picture of Mr Rogers' legacy.