Stuntwoman who lost arm on the set of 'Resident Evil' sues for $2.7 million

Stuntwoman who lost arm on the set of 'Resident Evil' sues for $2.7 million

Stuntwoman Olivia Jackson suffered from various painful and life-changing injuries during the filming of the 2015 movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and now she is seeking damages. In the accident, she received facial scarring, a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, a twisted spine, and punctured lungs.

The accident occurred when, due to unexpected rain, Jackson was asked to stand in for lead actress Milla Jovovich in a high-speed motorcycle stunt.

The shoot, which took place in Pelindaba, Pretoria in South Africa, went south when a camera didn't move out the way fast enough. The camera was meant to start filming at ground level before raising above Jackson as she approached, but it failed to lift in time, leading to the stuntwoman colliding with the rigging.

She wasn't wearing a helmet during the crash, which left the 37-year-old in a coma for 17 days. Afterwards, she was left with countless broken bones, and part of her left forearm had been detached.

Three years on from that fateful day, she has now brought the matter to court. She has chosen to sue the camera crane operator, driver of the vehicle, the film's director, the production and stunt company.

Before the incident, Jackson was earning £20,000 ($) a month in the United Kingdom, and £12,5000 ($) a month for her work on this particular production. Now, she claims she has become unemployable since her accident, and will be suing for $2.2 million ($2.77 m).

In the past, she has documented her progress during the recovery period on her Instagram page, as well as the scars she has been left with. In one photo, displaying her back after the accident, she wrote about the "twisted upper body" the accident left her with.

"This is the twisted upper body I’m left with from my accident. Scew spine, off-centered neck (the most painful part), twisted shoulder blade, permanently dislocated shoulder, 1 arm, muscle atrophy on the left hand side of my core & plenty more other treats," she wrote. "I don’t mean to moan, but sometimes I just want to crawl out of my own skin & all the pains in it."

And, in a follow-up post in which she showed an x-ray of her spine, she goes into excruciating detail into the pain she has been left with since the set incident. She wrote:

"Yup that’s a battery pack implanted in my left bum cheek. It powers electric currents to the neuro-pain-transmitter implanted on to my spinal cord (behind my teeth in the X-ray), to help with phantom arm pain.

"Hardest part of my days is to hold my head up (literally & figuratively). Paralysis of the left side of my neck, the skew spine & the fused neck make it really difficult to hold my own head up straight.

"The constant pain is unexplainable. I can’t actually remember what it feels like to be in a normal, pain free body. It’s so tempting to hate the people that did this to me. I try, rather, to use that energy to focus on getting better and staying positive."

Hopefully, Jackson is served some justice for the horrible experiences she has faced as a result of on-set mistakes.