Sylvester Stallone confirms he's started making Rocky VII

Sylvester Stallone confirms he's started making Rocky VII

Sylvester Stallone is all set to write and star in Rocky VII, the acting legend confirmed in an interview with Variety.

Yep, despite announcing the retirement of the iconic character of Rocky Balboa last year when Creed II was released, Stallone has now revealed that the seventh instalment is underway.

The latest addition to the franchise will see Balboa befriending a young street fighter who is living in the country illegally.

Remember this iconic Rocky moment?

"Rocky meets a young, angry person who got stuck in this country when he comes to see his sister," Stallone told Variety. "He takes him into his life, and unbelievable adventures begin, and they wind up south of the border. It's very, very timely."

Stallone also spoke in detail about feeling robbed of an ownership stake in the franchise that he conceived, wrote and starred in.

"I have zero ownership of ‘Rocky," he opened up to the publication. "Every word, every syllable, every grammatical error was all my fault," he says. "It was shocking that it never came to be, but I was told, ‘Hey, you got paid, so what are you complaining about?’ I was furious."

Celebrity: Sylvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, throwing punch vs Antonio Tarver, as Mason 'The Line' Dixon, on the boxing set of 'Rocky Balboa' movie at Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas, NV 12/4/2005 - 12/6/2005 CREDIT: Neil Leifer (Photo by Neil Leifer /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images) (Set Number: D90103 ) Credit: Getty

Stallone admits to not pushing his argument hard enough because he didn't want to "ruffle the feathers of the golden goose."

"I was very angry. I was furious," he added. "Rocky is on TV around the world more than any other Oscar-winning film other than Godfather. You have six of them, and now you have Creed and Creed II."

"I love the system — don’t get me wrong. My kids and their kids, they’re taken care of because of the system. But there are dark little segues and people that have put it to ya. They say the definition of Hollywood is someone who stabs you in the chest. They don’t even hide it."

A release for Rocky VII is yet to be announced.