Sylvester Stallone shares incredible first look at himself for 'Rambo 5' and fans are freaking out

Sylvester Stallone shares incredible first look at himself for 'Rambo 5' and fans are freaking out

Sylvester Stallone is next appearing in Creed II, reprising his role as Rocky Balboa for the eighth time. The boxing sequel will be following up the critically-acclaimed movie starring Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed - for which Stallone was nominated for Best Supporting Actor - and is set to be released on November 21.

But the Philadelphian boxer isn't the only iconic role the actor has created for himself over the years - nor is he the only one to star in multiple sequels.

The character of Rambo is considerably darker and violent than Stallone's boxing hero, but he is just as (if not more) ingrained in pop-culture. We've seen four films starring the Vietnam veteran across a series with confusing titling process. It goes: First Blood in 1982, Rambo: First Blood Part II in 1985, Rambo III in 1988, then in 2008... Rambo.

Now there's another one on the way, which gives them the opportunity to confuse everyone further by calling it Rambo 2, or Rambo 5: First Blood Part III.

The development of this sequel has seen its highs and lows. A year after the last entry in the series, Stallone announced that there were plans to make a fifth film titled Rambo V: The Savage Hunt. This film was reportedly based on 'Hunter' by James Byron Huggins, and would have featured Rambo leading an elite special forces team to kill a genetically-engineered creature.

Then, in 2011, the script was rewritten to be Rambo: The Last Stand, before that was put on hold as Stallone worked on The Expendables 2. In 2016, Stallone revealed that Rambo V had been cancelled, and was no longer in production whatsoever.

Later that year, it was announced that there was to be a reboot of the series without Stallone involved, but it's unclear if that's still happening now, since in May Stallone announced Rambo V was going ahead as planned. Phew!

This film, which conducted principal photography last month, will reportedly focus on Rambo as he takes on the Mexican drug cartel. In the last few months, Stallone shared quite a few teases of the upcoming project on his Instagram feed.

After all these teases, fans were looking forward to the first reveal of the now 72-year-old Stallone back in the role of John Rambo. However, they probably weren't expecting him to look like this look:

He then shared another photo from the set, where they have just started filming, with the caption "comes a horseman wild and free" - a line from the song Don Quixote, by Gordon Lightfoot.

Even though the post has amassed over 330,000 likes already, there are no doubt a lot of baffled Rambo fans out there. Why is wearing that outfit? Where's the headband?

Well, after saving missionaries from mercenaries in Thailand at the end of the last film, Rambo returned to the United States - to visit his father at his ranch in Arizona. Knowing Rambo, it's likely not too long before this idyllic world is interrupted by violence.

While there is no official release date yet, Stallone has said in the past that it will be in cinemas in Fall 2019.