There was a secret celebrity cameo in 'Black Panther' that went completely unnoticed by most people

There was a secret celebrity cameo in 'Black Panther' that went completely unnoticed by most people

Black Panther was a different kind of blockbuster in many ways, with it breaking records and boundaries while facing difficult social issues straight on. Yet, at the end of the day, it was still a superhero movie made by Marvel Studios - so there were some familiar hallmarks along the way.

The cast of the movie was already star-studded, but that didn't mean we weren't going to get a few cameos too. Stan Lee, the man who created Black Panther and various other Marvel characters decades ago, made his signature comedic cameo in one scene - but audiences are only just discovering that there is another celebrity cameo in the movie, one that none of us noticed until now.

The movie has been out for months and DVDs and Blu-Rays are now on sale. But it was only recently that people took notice of the credits. One of the last actors credited with a role in the ending scroll of text, playing the character of 'Griot', was The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. But it still took us all a while to figure out exactly who Griot was in the story, even with this many fans looking.

Now we know exactly where in the movie the comedian was spotted. During the film's climactic moments, CIA agent Everett Ross (played by Martin Freeman) has to pilot a Wakandan ship and has to talk to an AI system - one voiced by Trevor Noah. Even though none of us noticed at the time, it turns out Noah had a pretty crucial role in the story.

This all came to light after the question was posed to the Marvel Studios subreddit, but it turns out that Noah has spoken about being part of Black Panther before. Noah, who was born in South Africa, commented on the movie in a between-the-scenes segment on The Daily Show:

"It was extra special for me because the people speak Xhosa in the movie.

"There were subtitles, and I was like, I don’t need your subtitles! I don’t need your subtitles! This is just for me right now! Nobody else listen! This reminds me of my mom."

Of course, once the fandom found out, there was a collective gasp - as Noah has his own fans from being the host of The Daily Show, his stand-up comedy, and best-selling book 'Born a Crime'.

Noah has also shared his thoughts on the finished movie with, commenting on its as both blockbuster entertainment and a cultural milestone:

"It’s an amazing Marvel film. It’s one of those things where I guess some people got too hyped up the wrong way about it and they’re like, ‘So is it a black film?’ It’s like, no, it’s a film.

"It’s the same way Wonder Woman was a dope movie and if you were a woman, it was extra special, you get what I’m saying?

"Black people are just like, ‘Yeah, it’s a dope movie, and if you’re black, this is an amazing movie,’ that’s all it is."

Once we've all been out to see these movies multiple times, it's great to still be making discoveries like this. Hopefully, one day, the internet will figure out the last remaining easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy, after director James Gunn said no one has discovered it yet.