This is the amazing way Olivia Colman celebrated her surprise Oscar win

This is the amazing way Olivia Colman celebrated her surprise Oscar win

How would you celebrate if you won an Oscar? I know what I'd do: run around the auditorium screaming and then go lap up as many of the flashy A-lister parties as I possibly could.

Olivia Colman, on the other hand, isn't about that lifestyle. After she clinched the 2019 Academy Award for Best Actress, she rented a party bus to take her and all of her friends on a booze cruise around Los Angeles.

The Favourite star was spotted climbing into a huge blacked out hummer limousine, decked out with neon lights - and, no doubt, plenty of champers - in order to mark the incredible moment. Who needs fancy celeb parties when you've got a party bus and all of your mates, eh?

That's not to say the 45-year-old didn't stop by some of the post-Oscar bashes though. Olivia was photographed later on at the Vanity Fair Party looking utterly fabulous in a gold gown that perfectly matched her Oscar.

In her post-ceremony interview, she joked that she was going to keep her shiny new award "in bed with me," quipping she'd put it "between me and my husband. He doesn't know yet. He won't mind."

However, it was The Crown actress' speech that was the real star of the night. Olivia captured every heart in the building when she described the idea that she owned an Oscar as "hilarious" and blew a raspberry at producers after they told her to wrap up.

Olivia Colman Credit: Getty

Taking to the stage, she said: "It’s genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious. I got an Oscar! Okay, I have to thank lots of people. If, by the way, I forget anybody, I’m going to find you later and give you all a massive snog. Yorgos - my best director and the best film and with Emma and Rachel, the two loveliest women in the world to fall in love with and to go to work with every day. You can imagine this wasn’t a hardship.

"And to be in this category with these extraordinary women and Glenn Close – you’ve been my idol for so long and this is not how I wanted it to be and I think you’re amazing and I love you very much. I love you all. Thank you...

"Lindy King – my agent – who took me on over 20 years ago, thank you so much, and Olive and Hildy and Brynna, who made me do things I said no to, but she was right. And my mum and my dad – well, you know. My kids, who are at home and watching. Well, if you’re not, then kind of well done but I sort of hope you are; this is not going to happen again.

Olivia Colman and Ed Sinclair Credit: Getty

"And any little girl who’s practising her speech on the telly, you never know. I used to work as a cleaner and I loved that job but I did spend quite a lot of my time imagining this. Oh, please wrap up..."

After blowing a raspberry at the prompt, she concluded: "My husband, Ed, my best friend, I love you so much. 25 years and you’ve been my best supporter. He’s gonna cry! I’m not. Thank you so much – Fox, everybody, the cast and crew. Thank you. Argh, thank you so much. Lady Gaga! And Melissa! Thank you."

You've gotta love her! Congratulations Olivia, you lovely lady!