This revelation from 'Home Alone' has the internet losing their minds

This revelation from 'Home Alone' has the internet losing their minds

I don't know about you guys, but every year I make sure to watch Home Alone or Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Along with It's A Wonderful Life, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Gremlins, they've become part of my holiday routine to sit down with some snacks or Christmas dinner leftovers and re-watch my favourite festive movies.

We all have our personal favourites to turn to each year (there are approximately 6 billion people watching Love Actually as you read this), but Home Alone is a common one for a lot of us. It's got a sweet message, some festive cheer, some big laughs, and it works well for adults and children alike.

It's also, the more you think about it, pretty damn brutal. There's one moment in Home Alone 2 that always sticks out in my mind in which Kevin throws several bricks from the top of a ten-story building, landing squarely in Marv's forehead.

That man is surely dead just from one hit alone, but the movies feature countless painful moments like it. Last year, one YouTuber even tried to figure out how a real human would respond to the likes of what the two bandits face in those movies, and it's not exactly a walk in the park.

However, there's one detail about the movie that's freaked a lot of people out, after Seth Rogen pointed it out on Twitter. Remember the old movie that Kevin watches, which he uses to trick the robbers (and an innocent pizza delivery guy)? The scene, which gave us the quote "keep the change you filthy animal," is below if you need a refresher:

However, it turns out that this isn't actually a real movie, but something made up entirely for Home Alone.

"My entire childhood," Rogen tweeted. "I thought the old timey movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone (Angels With Filthy Souls) was actually an old movie."

While Rogen was pointing out he went through his childhood thinking it was real, a lot of us out here are fully grown adults that were today years old when they found out this fact - despite seeing the movie a hundred times.

And that means the 'sequel' that pops up in Home Alone 2 is fake too...

Honestly, I feel pretty stupid for not even googling the fake movie once since I first saw Home Alone. With all the fact-checking the internet provides us with, it's easy just to breeze through until someone sets you straight.

In other Home Alone news, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly working on a movie inspired by the Christmas classic, but with an R-rated twist: it'll be a stoner comedy. Of course, the movie is titled Stoned Alone, a title so perfect you'll wonder how they haven't made it already - or how Seth Rogen hasn't already signed on to play the lead.