Twitter goes wild as people fight over the best TV kiss of all time

Twitter goes wild as people fight over the best TV kiss of all time

Over the years, there has been many a steamy smooch on TV - and to be honest with you, we've loved pretty much every single one of them. However, the impossible-to-answer question on social media recently was this: which of them is the best?

Was it that magical New Years Eve 'I love you' kiss Ryan and Marissa shared? Shy Yorkie and vivacious party girl Kelly's final canoodle on Black Mirror? Or perhaps it was the moment Rachel Green got off the plane and finally went to claim her man? You decide.

Did Jess and Nick from New Girl have the best kiss of them all?

Or did Hook and Emma from Once Upon a Time have that all-important magical moment?

Did Spike and Buffy slay your heart?

Or perhaps Sawyer and Kate's steamy lovefest gave them a run for their money

Does the moment that off-on couple Ross and Rachel finally got together still warm your heart to this day?

Or all you all about when the bad boys and good girls get together: aka when Jess Mariano and Rory Gilmore shared this kiss?

Some people insisted the best TV kiss of all time belonged to Marissa and Alex - in particular when they shared a smacker behind Julie's back

Speaking of The OC - what about Marissa and Ryan's NYE's smooch?

But it's true that you can't speak of OC kisses without mentioning Seth and Summer's Spiderman moment in the rain

Were Seth and Summer beaten out by Veronica Mars and Logan though?

Kristen Bell apparently does some good smooching, cos Eleanor and Chidi were high on the list

Perhaps the Good Place pair were trumped by Yorkie and Kelly on Black Mirror though

Plus you can't not mention dream team, Jake and Amy

Or Joey and Pacey's forbidden make-out session

But maybe real-life lovers won the day, with Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie starring as Jon Snow and Ygritte sharing this moment of passion

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