Two-hour documentary on real-life 'Conjuring' house left crew 'extremely ill'

Two-hour documentary on real-life 'Conjuring' house left crew 'extremely ill'

The 2010s saw a resurgence in quality horror movies; movies that have completely reshaped the genre and brought epic storytelling and jaw-dropping cinematics back to the big screen. And, for many, one movie that stands out from the rest is the 2013 horror thriller, The Conjuring.

Based on true events (all the best horror movies are), James Wan's spooky tale may sound like a familiar trope - family move into old farmhouse only to discover it's haunted - but this movie is intertwined with blood-curdling frights and demonic thrills.

Check out the original trailer for The Conjuring below:

The Conjuring is without a doubt the best horror on Netflix (don't @ me), so if you're looking to pee yourself this Halloween, definitely check out out. However, no matter how incredible these movies may be, there's nothing scarier than the real-life events that occurred at the Harrisville Farmhouse.

That's right, a team of modern-day paranormal investigators have created a chilling new documentary based called Ghost Adventures: Curse Of The Harrisville Farmhouse, which I'd recommend not watching alone. If you thought The Conjuring was terrifying, it doesn't compare to watch allegedly went on inside the walls.

In an interview with Las Vegas Review Journal, Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans has revealed that he became "extremely sick" during his time at the farmhouse, revealing:

"I was extremely ill, very sick, for about three weeks after that, I wasn’t myself, albeit I was on a long trip. There were things going on with me that just seemed out of the norm.

"It really, I believe, made me sick. I had anxiety and panic levels that were just so unusual. Just that feeling of sickness. I didn’t look like myself. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t wanna be around anybody. [...]

"I never felt possessed, but I felt like something was drawing the life out of me."

And, even more terrifying, Zak was not the only member of the documentary crew to fall "sick". Aaron Goodwin, who works alongside Zak, revealed he felt "overcome" by something, which resulted in chest pains while visiting the property:

"I had to sit down, dude. It was either run or sit, because I was going down, It was just weird energy. Not normal. Not like we’ve felt before."

The documentary Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse will air on the Travel Channel on October 31... because of course it will.