Viola Davis wore a gown with sneakers to present at the Emmys

Viola Davis wore a gown with sneakers to present at the Emmys

Last night at the Emmys, Viola Davis delighted viewers around the world when she went on stage to present an award while donning a pair of platform sneakers with her elegant Alberta Ferretti gown.

The How To Get Away With Murder actress had actually been wearing heels earlier on in the night. In fact, she was wearing her more conventional awards ceremony footwear when she arrived and throughout her appearance on the red carpet. But when the ceremony kicked off, it appears the 54-year-old slipped into a much more comfortable pair of shoes.

Take a look at the moment Viola Davis presented the award for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series wearing a pair of sneakers:

Viola's choice of footwear certainly didn't escape the notice of the award ceremony's eagle-eyed viewers:

"Viola Davis wearing an elegant gown with sneakers on is what I live for," one viewer tweeted.

"Viola Davis said forget the heels," added another. "Sneakers and dress- a whole vibe. I’m not mad at sis."

"Viola Davis walking out in chunky silver sneakers and 'you're lucky I'm even here' energy is the inspiration I needed to keep going," a different user wrote.

"Viola Davis wearing a gown and sneakers is a mood," one person said.

Some took inspiration from Viola's bold style choice and began asserting their rights to do the same.

"If THE [Viola Davis] can [wear] sneakers to work, so should I," one user stated.

Others commended the Academy Award-winning actress for starting a much-appreciated trend:

"I knew wearing sneakers with a gown would finally come in style.... Thxs Viola!!" comedian Loni Love tweeted.

Check out the moment Phoebe Waller-Bridge won the award for Best Comedy Series for her show, Fleabag:

On behalf of anyone who's ever worn a pair of heels, I'd like to thank Viola for showing us that there's absolutely no shame in wanting to dress to the nines while maintaining just a little bit of comfort!