Guy arrested for using McLovin fake ID to get into bar

Guy arrested for using McLovin fake ID to get into bar

If Superbad taught us anything, aside from the inadvisability of getting into a cop car with Seth Rogen and Bill Hader, it’s that a fake ID can make or break a drinking session. If it looks legit, you’re all set. If, on the other hand, your ID makes you sound like “an Irish R&B singer” and leaves you looking like “a future paedophile”, you could be in for a bumpy ride. 

This is exactly what happened to underage drinker Daniel Alfredo Burleson, who was thwarted in his attempt to pass undetected in a bar by his less than convincing identification. Instead of opting for something believable, the 20-year-old resident of Iowa City was apprehended after producing a “McLovin” ID made famous by the smash 2007 hit. 

According to an extensive report filed by police in the aftermath of the incident, Burleson was approached by officers inside an Iowa City bar after they suspected that he might be under the legal drinking age. When he refused to produce an ID, officers removed him from the bar and took him outside. 

Here's the moment McLovin is introduced in Superbad:

It was there, the report claims, that McLovin made his appearance. As reported by the Iowa City Press Citizen, police stated that Burleson produced a real ID, revealing his actual age, and then "pulled out his wallet and began shuffling through the wallet and police could see [his] fake Hawaii ID with the name 'McLovin DOB 06/03/1981." This was after Burleson had claimed not to own a fake ID of any sort, according to the authorities. 

The report from officers also claims, as per the Iowa City Press Citizen, that "Burleson was wearing a wristband from the Airliner Bar and had slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes during the interaction with police."

The 20-year-old now faces charges of public intoxication, being under legal age in a bar, possession of a fictitious license, and possession of alcohol while underage. Maybe it would have been better if he had run into Rogen and Hader.