Kendall Jenner is being accused of cultural appropriation over her new hairstyle

Kendall Jenner is being accused of cultural appropriation over her new hairstyle

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are no strangers to accusations of cultural appropriation, to put it mildly.

Kim Kardashian, in particular, has been repeatedly slammed on social media for her decision to wear cornrows - a hairstyle worn by black people that was used to rebel against their slave masters and even map out routes to freedom.

In fact, things have got so bad for the family in the cultural appropriation department that Kim has even been accused of blackface.

But it's not just black culture that they have been accused of appropriating, and earlier this year, Kim was slammed for her new shapewear line, which she dubbed "Kimono" prompting offense among the Japanese community.

She was subsequently forced to rename the line "Skims" after the major of Kyoto personally asked her to take the feelings of the Japanese people into consideration.

Now, it's Kendall's turn to be in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after she recently debuted her own set of cornrows. This happened when she shared a snap of herself on vacation to Instagram.

Kendall Jenner in cornrows. Credit: Instagram / @kendalljenner

A day later, she was photographed in LA, knowing fine well that there would be paparazzi aplenty around, and clearly unfazed by the criticism her sisters have faced for cultural appropriation in the past, still wore her hair in cornrows.

Kendall Jenner in cornrows. Credit: Instagram / @kendalljenner

Social media was flooded with comments from people explaining why the hairstyle was so offensive, but given the criticism that her older sisters have faced in the past, this is something Kendall is likely more than aware of.

"I'm EXHAUSTED of white people constantly appropriating black culture and wearing hairstyles we are always ridiculed/chastised for having," wrote one black woman on Twitter.

The same woman then explained that cornrows help to protect afro hair, and therefore aren't necessary for white people to wear, especially when they are doing so to "look cool".

Another black woman went as far as to accuse Kendall of "exploiting and stealing from black women."

This isn't the first time that Kendall has been insensitive to racial issues. Back in 2017, she incited international outrage when she appeared in a Pepsi advert that centered around her stopping the advancement of armed police with a can of the drink.

Kendall Jenner in a controversial Pepsi advert. Credit: Pepsi

Critics saw this as a trivialization of police brutality in the US, which is disproportionately directed towards ethnic minority groups.

Then things got even worse then Kendall wore what was largely viewed as an afro wig on the cover of Vogue:

Clearly, it's about time that the Kardashian-Jenner clan invested in a cultural appropriation check officer for the sake of damage control.