Kendall Jenner thinks she is the least sexy Kardashian-Jenner sister

Kendall Jenner thinks she is the least sexy Kardashian-Jenner sister

Every generation of humans ponders the same questions: What happens to you after you die? Does fate exist, or do we have free will? And who is the sexiest Kardashian-Jenner sister?!

We all have an opinion on this extremely divisive issue, but Kendall Jenner's thoughts on the matter might surprise you. Forbes named Kendall the highest paid model of 2017 and 2018, so you'd think her sexiness would be beyond dispute. However, during an interview with Telegraph, the 23-year-old said that she believes her sisters have much higher levels of sexiness.

"My sisters are a lot curvier than me," Kendall said. "They have boobs and I don’t have boobs. Growing up being this little twiggy girl, I saw my sisters and always thought 'oh no am I supposed to be more sexy like them?'" She added, "I almost felt like I didn’t fit in for a part of my life."

Kendall is certainly different from Kylie, Kim, Kourtney and Khloé. While their romantic exploits are tabloid fodder, Kendall's romantic relationships are a mystery wrapped in an enigma, whispered by a sphinx on a stormy desert night. And while her sisters are happily popping out babies like they're trying to start a baseball team, Kendall is content to strut down fashion runways, serving the camera with her best 'blue steel.'

"I'm not necessarily a lot like them," Kendall said. "I like that I have a different vibe to everyone. I like to do different things. And that's OK. We’re a very female-heavy, work-driven family. We all work really hard... I love learning from other women and feeding off each other and supporting each other," she continued. "To have women around me now – whether it’s friends or family – it’s super important for me."

Kendall may believe her sexiness level is perilously low compared to that of her sisters, but as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of us believe Kendall to be the sexiest Kardashian-Jenner, while others insist that Kim's sexiness reigns supreme. No, say detractors, Khloé is clearly the queen of sexy, while others wag their fingers at Kourtney Kardashian, declaring her sexiness to be without compare. Laughing derisively, Kylie Jenner fans call them all fools, and cast their vote for the youngest billionaire on the sexiness ballot.

Until we shuffle off this mortal coil, we may never learn what happens to do you after you die, whether we're governed by fate or free will, or which Kardashian-Jenner sister is the sexiest. But as a great poet once said, "Life is about the journey. Not the destination. And Kendall is definitely the sexiest."