Miami strippers hailed the 'real winners' of the Super Bowl

Miami strippers hailed the 'real winners' of the Super Bowl

Miami strippers have been hailed as the "real winners" of the Super Bowl.

This was revealed on Instagram where videos of women wading through seas of cash at Super Bowl afterparties were posted. In some of these clips, celebrities can be seen throwing full boxes of cash at them.

The celebrities who "made it rain" after the Super Bowl included Post Malone, who was filmed reaching into a box of cash before giving it away to the strippers.

Watch Post Malone hand out $50,000 in cash at a Miami club: 

Later in the clip above, a patron of the strip club shouts, "Let me get one!" at the rapper and he hands him a 6-inch-tall stack from his box of money, smiling.

Meanwhile, in another video, patrons of a strip club can be seen stealing money from the strippers after so much cash was given to them that it carpeted the floor of the club.

Watch patrons steal from the strippers in the video below: 

"There was too much money in there. Oh, my God!" a patron shouts, while taking cash and stuffing it down their pants.

These videos come after thousands of people flocked to the city to watch the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 at the 2020 Super Bowl.

However, while there's no doubt that many strippers emerged financially victorious after performing at the Super Bowl after parties, a video has been circulating on Twitter of a number of women who apparently went to the city on a one-way ticket, assuming that they would be able to pay their way back home and failing.

These are the stranded strippers: 

The video above was captioned: "A few strippers stuck in #Miami after super bowl weekend. They only had a one way .. ain't make no money."