Model twins slammed over Instagram video of them hand-feeding homeless man sushi

Model twins slammed over Instagram video of them hand-feeding homeless man sushi

Model twin sisters from Russia have come under fire from social media users after "staging" and posting a video of them feeding a homeless man sushi - all in a bid to win an iPhone, the Metro reports.

In the video, which was uploaded to Instagram, sisters Adelya and Alina Fatkheev can be seen walking down a street in designer clothing, when they come across a man in a wheelchair who they say is homeless.

After spotting the man - later identified as Yuri Zasorin - 24-year-old twins then turn to each other and say: "Poor thing, he probably hasn’t eaten for a long time."

The sisters then use their phones to call a restaurant and order food to be delivered by the Russian delivery service Yandex.Food. After the food arrives, the twins then feed the Zasorin sushi using chopsticks. (I won't lie, it is one of the most head-scratching videos I have ever watched.)

Check out the bizarre video below:

At the end of the video, Yuri says (in Russian): "Everyone knows that there are good people who can help". Per the Metro, it was later revealed that Yuri Zasorin has been living on the streets for 28 years after losing his job on a construction site. In 2013, years of sleeping on the streets caused him to suffer massive frostbite to his legs, leading to him becoming paralyzed.

The twins posted the video to Instagram with the accompanying caption: "Every day we see people in the street who need help. After all, are we all within our power to pay attention to them? Do not pass by... Yes, homeless cats may be nicer, but people also need our help, support. And we care!"

So deep...

Naturally, the video has caused outraged among many of its viewers, as the clip was recorded as an entry into the 'We Care' competition - a social media contest organized by a group calling itself the 'Youth of Tatarstan'. The group is offering prizes that include an iPhone XR and PlayStation 4 as well as other expensive prizes.

One social media user said: "These twins are so divorced from real life that they do not even understand how the poor can be helped."

Another said: "These hens don't give a damn about this homeless man, they wanted to get an iPhone, not help a person."

While a third added: "So much hypocrisy in these forty two seconds."

In another video later posted online, the twins were praised for awakening the "compassion in [their] countrymen" and raising awareness of Yuri Zasorin, after people allegedly saw him in the video and brought him clothing and supplies.

A spokesperson for Yandex.Food denied any involvement with the video, and labeled the twins' stunt as "scandalous".

It's worth pointing out that the twins did not win the competition...