Cardi B and Offset are reportedly back together after he makes bold promise

Cardi B and Offset are reportedly back together after he makes bold promise

It's back on! Hip hop's hottest couple, Cardi B and Offset, are reportedly getting back together after almost two months of separation. This news comes after sources close to the couple revealed that Cardi is moving back into the home they shared before Offset allegedly cheated on the rap superstar. Cardi apparently hasn't been in the house since she announced that Offset had been fooling around back in December, at which point she blasted her husband all over social media.

Cardi, who shares a child, Kulture, with Offset, posted on her Instagram story just last week that she wanted to "go home", along with a picture of her husband kissing their baby.

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But Cardi isn't letting her husband off too easily.

The rapper has only considered reconciling with her husband because he "proved himself". Offset has reportedly changed his phone number, only accepting business calls and calls from Cardi. To show that he intends on staying faithful to her this time, Offset has apparently also told Cardi that he's imposing a new "no groupies" rule whilst on tour. He's also reportedly not letting any female fans near him during his upcoming Superbowl performances in Atlanta.

This isn't the first time Offset has tried to win back Cardi's affection. Back in December, he stormed the stage at one of her concerts, interrupting her set to beg for forgiveness. Cardi was mid-way through a performance when her husband ran onto the stage, brandishing a "Take Me Back Cardi" banner made out of roses. Ever the romantic, Offset said into the microphone: "I just want to tell you I’m sorry bruh. In person. In front of the world." He was met with boos from the audience, and Cardi was visibly unimpressed by his attempted public display of affection. Cardi then kicked him off stage and finished her performance.

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However, despite his transgression, Cardi has continually supported her husband. After he began receiving hate online from her fans, Cardi took to social media to ask them to stop, saying:

"Hey guys, I just want to say thank you so much for everybody who's been supporting me, loving me, and that feel like they need to defend me. Right, wrong or indifferent, I don't want people to just keep doing f**ked shit, saying f**ked shit. Violating my baby father is not going to make me feel any better because at the end of the day, that’s still family."

She continued: "I just want things to die down. I just need time so we can see eye-to-eye. I can’t predict the future. I don’t know. But, the whole coming at my baby father bullsh*t, that doesn’t make me feel any better."

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It seems that their time apart has helped repair their damaged relationship. Here's hoping that Offset can stick to these new rules and not betray Cardi's trust ever again. I would not want to be in his shoes if he does.