John Krasinski lip-syncing 'Proud Mary' is the best thing you'll see all day

John Krasinski lip-syncing 'Proud Mary' is the best thing you'll see all day

It's fair to say that Lip Sync Battle has been one of the best TV ideas ever. Created by The Office alumni Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski, the Jimmy Fallon segment-turned show sees popular celebrities battle each other by way of lip-sync performances, with regular appearances from Krasinski.

The fifth season premiered on January 17, 2019, and has been just as much as a success as the previous four. In the most recent episode, the A Quiet Place director took to the stage with an incredible performance of Tina Turner's hit song Proud Mary. Now, the clip has managed to go viral on social media, with many fans praising Krasinski's performance.

Check out John's amazing performance in the video below:

Taking to the comments section, many people expressed their admiration for John's talents. For instance, one Facebook user named Ashley Jean wrote: "Emily Blunt was somewhere like, 'Oh baby! That's my man!' [sic]" while another fan named Kristine Baptiste added: "Yes, that’s what I’m talking about...rolling on the river! 🎼 😂. [sic]"

In a recent interview with AOL, Krasinski opened up about how Lip Sync Battle came to be, stating: "I was about to go on Jimmy Fallon’s show and he said, ‘What do you want to do on the show?’ And I said, ‘What if we did this thing like ‘8 Mile,’ but we lip-synced?’"

He added: "Stephen Merchant was like, ‘Let’s give it a shot right here in the car!’ So we all started battling in the car. I remember dying laughing. I just imagined people driving by us, looking at us like [makes weird face], ‘I think those people are having a heart attack in that car!’ But nope, we were creating an amazing show."

But John isn't just a great actor, director and performer. He's also a great husband to Emily Blunt, and recently he shared what makes his marriage with her work