Mariah Carey has absolutely set fire to the ’10 year challenge’ with hilarious Instagram post

Mariah Carey has absolutely set fire to the ’10 year challenge’ with hilarious Instagram post

There have been plenty of humiliating challenges over the years; the Kylie Jenner challenge where participants used shot glasses to help plump their lips up, and the Cinnamon challenge where people ate a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything certainly stand out.

But with the arrival of 2019, came perhaps one of the most embarrassing tasks of them all: the 10-year challenge, where people were forced to upload a photo of their 2009 selves, emo-fringe, cringe-worthy fashion choices and all.

However, one person who isn't ashamed to post a picture of herself from a decade ago in the slightest is Mariah Carey.

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The All I Want For Christmas Is You songstress recently took to social media to join the packs of people who had taken part in the viral craze - but her post was far from humiliating, it was iconic.

Mariah shut down the 10-year challenge when she posted two identical pictures of herself side-by-side and wrote: "I don't get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge. 🤷‍♀️ *Picture taken at some point prior to today."

You hear that? Time is not something the Queen of Christmas acknowledges because, unlike the rest of us, she is above it. Her cells do not age and die, they only get better.

Mic drop.

The 48-year-old's followers adored the hilarious post, taking to the comment section to express their appreciation.

"The Songbird Supreme doesn’t know age and numbers and the only time we know is the one Love Takes," wrote Twitter user @Ashley_SB88. Another user going by the name of @steviescatalog added: "I've never seen someone slay so hard in my life".

Many others also pointed out that, if Mariah did choose to do the 10-year challenge properly like the rest of us, there wouldn't be any difference at all.

"But also you look exactly the same as you did 10 years ago bc you are an ageless legend," wrote Twitter user @GreggyBennett.

Social media user @themcmeneses even went so far as to compare Mariah in 1999 to her in 2017 - an 18-year difference - and confirmed what we all knew already: Mariah does not age.

Another A-lister who completely slew the popular social media challenge was Caitlyn Jenner.

It's no secret that the 69-year-old is a transgender woman whose gender change became publicised in 2015. This, of course, means that in 2009, the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete was living as a man.

Posting one picture of her living as a man, and the second of her living her truth as a woman, Caitlyn completely and utterly owned the challenge.

"Now THAT is a #10YearChallenge," she captioned the picture. "Be authentic to yourself 💜".

So, chaps. When you dig out your snaps from 2009, just think, you've got some fierce competition from two rather fabulous ladies. Think you can beat Mariah and Caitlyn? Good luck trying!