People think Selena Gomez ripped off another artist in her new music video

People think Selena Gomez ripped off another artist in her new music video

With the sheer amount of creative content out in the world these days, it's hard to believe anything is original anymore. It seems to me that almost every book is just a re-write of a story that's been told before, every film is just a remake (sometimes literally) of something we saw years ago, and every hit song sounds so similar to all its recent predecessors that it's sometimes difficult to tell if Spotify is stuck on repeat or not.

Or, you know, maybe I'm just turning into one of those miserable old people who says stuff like, "It wasn't like this back in my day!"

However - cranky or not - I'm not wrong in saying that one of Selena Gomez's recent music videos looks an awful lot like another artist's.

If you're not clued up on exactly which video I'm talking about, here it is:

The video follows the story of Selena and a suited man (who may or may not be representative of a certain Justin Bieber) who team up to steal a car. At various points, the music cuts out and Selena turns to speak to the camera (though you don't actually hear her talk, everything is subtitled with a garish yellow font), and the whole thing has a very twee, dated look about it.

However, while this might certainly seem like something a bit different from your standard 2018 music video, some fans have commented that the aesthetic is almost identical to that of Sarah Bahbah, an artist and photographer.

Bahbah is well known for her vibrant colour scheme, use of captions, and - yes, you guessed it - dated look.

Just take a look at this picture by the artist, for example, and then compare it to a still from Back to You.

The fashion and lighting are definitely similar - but could it just be a coincidence?

Well, take a look at another piece by Bahbah, and another still from the video for Selena's new track:

Still not convinced? Well, here's one more:

The look and feel of Gomez's video is so similar to Bahbah's work that you'd be forgiven for thinking the artist had a hand in directing it. In fact, many people did think Bahbah was involved - but when it transpired she hadn't, fans of the photographer were not happy.

"The style, the editing and even the captions: all of it just makes you think @sarahbahbah the second you look at these posts if you've been accustomed to Sarah's art for some time," wrote one fan on Instagram.

"Umm @selenagomez have you seen @sarahbahbah 's works? This is very very similar," said another.

Others, meanwhile, leapt to Gomez's defence, saying that Bahbah definitely wasn't the first person to put captions on her artwork.

Bahbah herself later took to Instagram to say that tons of fans had been in touch with her and sent her screenshots of Gomez's video, and that, yes, she knows they look similar.

Whether or not the artist has confronted Gomez is unclear - but it certainly looks like the singer has some explaining to do.