'Rihanna and your birthday' is the internet's new favorite meme and people are obsessed

'Rihanna and your birthday' is the internet's new favorite meme and people are obsessed

It's well established at this point that Rihanna is an absolute Queen, whether that be in the singing, sass or success department. However, one other area the Take A Bow songstress really excels at is style - and this was shown recently when her outfits over the years were made into the internet's favourite new meme!

A recent viral challenge asked people to Google Rihanna and the date of their birthday - the picture they were left with functioned as a stunning astrological projection of mood, personality, and overall life, with some people even claiming it was more precise than their star sign. So, what are you waiting for?

It all started when a woman named Shari told people on Twitter to Google their birthdays and see what outfit they got

Soon enough, it was a viral trend - and many people believed it was better than astrology

The singer had some pretty phenomenal outfits

And according to people online, the We Found Love star's attire always coincided with their star signs - it was like magic!

What can they say? Rihanna just got them

And their sassy moods

Was RiRi a style icon?

Most definitely!

It wasn't all good news though - particularly for people born August 2

But, no matter how you felt about your outcome, one thing was for sure: the queen had a look for every day of the year

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