People have just found out that this Ariana Grande lyric is super dirty and they're shook

People have just found out that this Ariana Grande lyric is super dirty and they're shook

Compared to most pop stars out there today, Ariana Grande seems to have carved out a relatively innocent image for herself. Maybe it's got something to do with her eternally-youthful looks or schoolgirl-style high ponytail, but the 25-year-old usually tends to come off as someone you wouldn't be wary about taking home to meet your grandma.

As it turns out, though, she's utterly filthy.

And I'm not just talking about the sort of "ha ha, she said a naughty word" schoolyard sort of filthy - I mean hardcore dirty stuff that you'd want to keep as far away from your children as possible, lest they become potty-mouthed little brats.

Unfortunately for prude parents, Grande's stuff is on the radio all the time, and her newest track, Sweetener, has one of her raunchiest lyrics yet.

The first verse of the single goes: "I like the way you lick the bowl (sheesh)/Somehow your method touches my soul (sheesh, yeah)/It lifts me up to heights unknown (ayy)/So when they ask, "How's life?" I go (sheesh, sheesh)"

And what does "lick the bowl" mean, you ask? Well, I'll tell you now - it's got nothing to do with finishing up the remnants of cookie dough you have left after baking. Instead, it's a pretty crude reference to oral sex. More specifically, it's about licking a person's vagina after they have orgasmed.

Yup, Ariana Grande is out there singing about guys going down on her and you're all bopping along like she's just recalling the last time she made carrot cake or something.

After people found out the NSFW truth behind the lyrics, however, they were understandably shook to their core.

And that's just the start of it. As it turns out, Grande has been filling up her Twitter feed with dirty memes and dropping subtle euphemisms into her work this whole time and we were all just too distracted by the fact that she looks like a teenager to give it a second thought.

I mean, has anyone really listened to God Is A Woman? Here's the chorus: "You, you love it how I move you/You love it how I touch you, my one/When all is said and done/You'll believe God is a woman."

Oh, and this totally happens in the video:

In conclusion, Ariana Grande is a total freak. And we love her for it.