Incredibly awkward footage shows NBA star unable to hide his disappointment in gender reveal video

Incredibly awkward footage shows NBA star unable to hide his disappointment in gender reveal video

Whenever someone announces that they are going to have a baby, the first question to come from anyone's lips is always: "is it a boy or a girl?"

Nobody wants to know how you've decorated the bedroom, or whether you're planning on naming it after some long-deceased relative, or even whether you're particularly excited about the new arrival. Nope, all they care about is whether you're going to be dressing it in pink or blue for the first five years of its life.

Admittedly, though, given how differently we treat boys and girls in our society, a child's assigned gender does affect their life - so it's something that parents are obviously going to care about. (They could just raise them without paying attention to gender stereotypes, but that's an issue for another day). And, because of that, they're going to have hopes for either a boy or a girl - even if they say they "don't care as long as it's healthy".

But if you're going to do a public gender reveal, you really should be prepared to look ecstatic no matter what.

So, when Gordon Hayward - the Boston Celtics forward - participated in a public gender reveal announcement with his wife, Robyn, he probably should have rehearsed his happy reaction beforehand.

In a post on Instagram, Robyn shared what should have been a magical moment for all of her followers. She captioned it: "In January we will be adding another baby to the family and we couldn’t be more grateful! Three babies in three and half years has me thinking we’re crazy, but our lives are already crazy so what’s adding another baby!"

However, given Hayward's reaction, the post didn't quite get the reaction she was hoping for. Just take a look for yourself and you'll see what we mean:

Yes, it very quickly becomes apparent after Hayward's "daddy's always happy" comment that he was almost certainly hoping to see blue balloons emerge from the box. And - unfortunately for him - it didn't go unnoticed.

Almost immediately, Twitter took the clip and ran with it, adding commentary and creating memes along the way.

Others, however, were slightly insulted by the NBA star's reaction, with many of them pointing out that it's not only boys who can have careers in sports.

But many were understanding of Hayward's situation.

Ok, so it's pretty clear that the NBA star was hoping to even out the gender balance in his household a little bit - but he'll no doubt get over the initial disappointment soon. He clearly loves his family and his two daughters, so having a third will certainly bring him a lot more happiness.

And, as for the clip... well, let's just hope that Hayward's third daughter never stumbles across it on the internet at some point in the future.