Logan Paul says defeat to KSI was due to him being 'sick'

Logan Paul says defeat to KSI was due to him being 'sick'

Last night at Staples Center, Los Angeles, KSI and Logan Paul faced off in what was, at times, a truly bizarre spectacle.

It was not a bout of high technical boxing quality and ringcraft, rather a highly entertaining scrap between the two biggest YouTube stars on the planet, who had entered a world entirely outside of their comfort zone.

KSI, displaying improved technique with the feet in comparison to the pair's first bout, was the victor by way of split decision. He pinned Logan Paul back effectively through the first four rounds by throwing huge - sometimes wild - right hands, and despite being dropped by an uppercut was the clear winner in the eyes of most.

Watch Logan Paul drop a sparring partner with a huge right hand:

Logan Paul did not help his own cause by receiving a two point deduction for breaking KSI's fall following that uppercut to land another blow, though the American was awarded the knockdown, too.

But now, Logan Paul has spoken out to clarify the circumstances around the fight, claiming that sickness may have had a part to play in his loss.

Per the Metro, speaking at the post-fight press conference, Paul told reporters;

"I think nine out of 10 times I beat JJ. Tonight was the night that one out 10 times. Can you hear my voice? I’m sick. I woke up sick. I’ve been sick for the past three days. First thing I did this morning was sneeze, three times. I’ve been sneezing throughout the whole day."

The American YouTube star revealed he had asked trainer Shannon Briggs if he could take an Ibuprofen before the fight, but was advised against it by the former boxer. Paul said he felt the illness took away some of his killer instinct;

"If I’m being honest with you, it took away that killer instinct that I’ve had this whole two months in sparring. That is the worst performance that I’ve had in the last two months. ‘Something changed today. I had a talk with my brother backstage and we got a little emotional, it’s like there’s something in me that has a problem taking it from 99 to 100 and crossing that finishing line in boxing and wanting to hurt the man in the ring."

It does not look as though the pair will face off again, as KSI said after the fight he would be looking to move on to other things, but once the dust settles and the numbers - which are expected to be huge - are crunched, who knows if KSI and Logan Paul can be tempted to run it back for a trilogy.