Punter makes $100k off one crazy Super Bowl bet

Punter makes $100k off one crazy Super Bowl bet

On Sunday, the nation came together to watch the Super Bowl, both to see the high-budget halftime show (this time featuring Maroon 5 and Travis Scott) and, of course, to see two incredible teams duke it out for the championship title.

This year, it was the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams that were facing off, with the game taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was here that Tom Brady and his team picked up their sixth Super Bowl victory. An ESPN poll of writers, columnists and analysts saw the group favour the Patriots for a win before the game, with 45 of 72 choosing them as the likely winners.

And they were proved right.

The Rams were the second-highest scoring offense during the whole of the 2018 NFL season, but this didn't exactly translate to their performance during Super Bowl LIII.

For many fans, this was very disappointing - both for those supporting the Rams and those who wanted a more eventful game than the 13-3 result provided. However, there was one fan who managed to turn a $250 bet into six figures, all based on the bet that the Rams would score a low number.

The unidentified man managed to win a stunning $100,000 from the match, after he bet that the Rams would score exactly three points. At 400/1 odds, he was phenomenally lucky to get a win at all - but the payout was massive when he learned of the final score.

The Rams' lone score of the night came from a third-quarter field goal from Greg Zuerlein. The same player lined up for another field goal attempt late in the fourth-quarter, but fortunately for this better - it just didn't make it.