'Real Housewife' takes picture with random guy she thought was Tom Brady

'Real Housewife' takes picture with random guy she thought was Tom Brady

Ever have that terribly awkward moment where you wave to someone you know and make eye contact, only to realise that they're a complete stranger? Sometimes they'll even wave back, clearly pretending they know you in case they've forgotten a face. This, apparently, isn't just something that happens with us regular folk, but to stars like Tom Brady too.

Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta recently shared an Instagram selfie with a hilarious story behind it. Bailey tried to grab a photo with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the day of the Super Bowl game, but ended up with a photo of someone completely different.

The former supermodel said she gave interviews that same night, telling everyone "how cool it was to bump into" Brady, but only found out long afterwards that it was a complete stranger.

Bailey chose to share the photo, alongside some texts she sent to her boyfriend about the selfie - at which point he revealed to her that it wasn't Tom Brady in the photo, and he had no idea who it actually was.

And it was a little more embarrassing given that her boyfriend is Mike Hill, a sportscaster for FOX Sports.

cynthia bailey tom brady Credit: Instagram/@cynthiabailey10

cynthia bailey tom brady Credit: Instagram/@cynthiabailey10

tom brady cynthia bailey Credit: Instagram/@cynthiabailey10

"Looking back now at the picture, ok maybe he is not Tom’s long lost twin," she wrote, asking her followers: "he could be his cousin right or nah? What y’all think?"

"Looks like a random white guy to me, Cynt!! Lmao," one follower wrote, while another added: "Although I am a certifiable Tom Brady hater, he’s much cuter than this guy...smh."

cynthia bailey tom brady Credit: Instagram/@cynthiabailey10

The incident was confirmed to BuzzFeed News later, where she said she is "still laughing and embarrassed" by the debacle. "I actually did red carpet interviews all Super Bowl weekend bragging about how I bumped into Tom Brady and how he was sweet enough to take a quick selfie with me," she said.

She then asked for the real Tom Brady to please stand up, and "make this right" by taking a selfie with her at some point in the future. "I also want to find out who Tom Shady really is," she added. "He has some explaining to do."

As it turns out, the 'Tom Shady' that appeared in the selfie got in touch with BuzzFeed, identifying himself as Matt Baxter. Baxter said he works directly with the NFL teams "on IQ testing of potential draft picks and free agents," and has met Brady more than once.

The reason he took the photo with Bailey was because she never asked him who he was or mentioned anything about the famous football player, instead telling him that they had met ten years previously and asked for a photo.

"I just thought, OK I have no clue who this is but I don't want to be rude, so I smiled and she snapped the pic," he said.

So, it turns out that at the centre of this particular mystery was just some social awkwardness...