Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend says he 'tastes like a champion' after Super Bowl win

Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend says he 'tastes like a champion' after Super Bowl win

Yesterday the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl 53, giving quarterback Tom Brady six rings. On Twitter, people compared the 41-year-old to Marvel supervillain Thanos, joking that he completed the Infinity Gauntlet. Now, with just one snap of his finger, he can make half of the entire NFL roster disappear!

Following the Patriot's 13-3 victory, Brady's wife, model Gisele Bündchen, was spotted in the luxury box, jumping for joy and high-fiving other spectators. For fans of the same team winning over and over again, it was a euphoric moment - basically, the exact opposite of how everyone felt watching Maroon 5's lackluster halftime show. (The NFL reportedly had trouble booking musical artists, due to their solidarity with quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick.)

However, Gisele Bündchen wasn't the only model thrilled that the dudes wearing blue, red and silver beat the dudes wearing white, blue and gold. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek is dating Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, known affectionately by fans as "Gronk." Before kickoff, she shared a black-and-white photo of the couple on Instagram, "Can’t express how proud I am of this guy."

Sorry, Camille, but we're going to call a flag on that - for unnecessary sweetness.

When the Patriots beat the Rams, everyone in New England screamed with joy, and everyone in Los Angeles said, "Wait, what? We have a football team?" Hours earlier, Camille said she couldn't conjure the right words to describe her fathomless Gronk-love. However, she had no such trouble after her boyfriend collected his third Super Bowl ring. On Instagram, she posted a candid photo of the couple kissing, with the flirty caption: "Tastes like a champion."

Sorry, Camille, we're going to have to throw a flag on this photo too - for unnecessary cheekiness.

Fans loved the romantic pic, giving it over 100,000 likes and countless fire emojis. Now I hope that a girlfriend of a Los Angeles Rams player shares a kissing photo, and writes, "Tastes like a total loser."

Camile was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots franchise from 2013 to 2015. "We first got in touch once I resigned from the team," she told Fox News. "I always knew who he was before I was even a cheerleader. I knew who he was on the roster. I just never paid any mind. Once I resigned is when we finally met."

We know the Gronk loves collecting Super Bowl rings, but what about engagement rings? "I don’t know about my near future," Camile told Improper Bostonian. "I like to think of my life as very spontaneous and new all the time. So whenever a proposal comes into my life, I think that I’ll be very surprised, but right now, Rob and I are totally career-focused. We’re not just a fling. We definitely see a future with each other. But as of right now, there are no plans."

Congratulations to Gronk and Tom Brady for their Super Bowl 53 victory. And congratulations in advance for their Super Bowl 54 victory, Super Bowl 55 victory and Super Bowl 56 victory. Tom Brady won't stop winning Super Bowls until he can put Super Bowl rings on all of his fingers and toes. All hail the NFL Thanos!