Woman baffles people online with new viral challenge

Woman baffles people online with new viral challenge

Gymnastics is not for everyone. Some people are just naturally better at things like yoga and athletics since they depend on your core strength, flexibility, and body coordination. What some people might find easy in the gymnasium, others might find downright impossible.

Don't believe me? If that's the case then the following video might just change your mind. This week, a short clip of a young woman has ended up going viral on social media, after she shared footage of herself pulling off a mind-boggling maneuver that some viewers have found incredibly tricky to emulate.

The so-called 'New Flex challenge' was invented by an Instagram-user named Jax Kranitz: a pro athlete with the University of Iowa.

Jax's video of the stunt, which has now been viewed more than a half a million times (as of this writing), was uploaded to her account on Friday, January 10. Jax captioned the clip: "new flex challenge??? Tag a friend that you think can do this [sic]"

Check out this video of the viral challenge below: 

The complex maneuver shows Jax lying down flat on the floor with her legs straight and her hands behind her back. Then, Jax can be seen to stand up by bringing her legs out far enough to get up onto her feet without taking her hands from behind her back.

In the comments, a number of other Instagram users stated publically how hard they found the flex to pull off correctly. For instance, one person wrote: "Im still trying to understand how that even happened. How did you slinky your body to the front! [sic]"

Late last year, the internet was left baffled by the 'chair challenge' that women could complete, but not men:

Meanwhile, another befuddled follower wrote: "How can that be possible????[sic]"

So do you think you have what it takes enough to pull off Jax's challenge for yourself? And are you brave enough the post the subsequent video online? There's only one way to find out: give it a try!