These were the best and worst looks from this year's Golden Globes

These were the best and worst looks from this year's Golden Globes

Any time celebrities gather together to strut their stuff, the results are both dazzling and baffling. For every sharp tux and snappy dress, there’s an outfit that looks like Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe was just savaged by a tiger. When you’ve got this much money, jeans and a t-shirt clearly don’t cut the mustard. 

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It goes without saying that almost all of the people on this list have more fashion sense in their little finger than someone like me can ever hope to possess. However, despite their expertise, no one gets it right all the time. To celebrate voguish success and spectacular failure, here are the best and worst looks from the 2020 Golden Globes. 


Cynthia Erivo

Credit: PA

According to E!, Erivo was a little aggrieved that her fellow attendees didn’t seem to take the dress code too seriously. Then again, if I was wearing an outfit that allegedly took over 800 hours to hand-knit, I too would be worried about being over-dressed. Accompanied by a $3,000,000 Bulgari necklace, Erivo’s tuxedo-esque outfit will certainly live long in the memory.

Saoirse Ronan

Credit: PA

Looking stunning isn’t always about the bells and whistles. With this simple, elegant, Celine-designed sparkly dress, the Little Women star highlighted how you don’t necessarily need a flashing neon sign to make a fashion statement.

Margot Robbie

Credit: PA

Further proof that less is sometimes more. Designed by Chanel, Robbie’s understated red carpet look has a chic 60s feel about it that would work just as well with a massive floppy hat and huge sunglasses on a southern French beach. Full marks for seamless style.

Joaquin Phoenix

Credit: PA

When you’re nominated for playing a character who is famously blasé about basically everything, cool nonchalance should be second nature. Nevertheless, Phoenix and his Armani tux, complete with superfluous shades, somehow manage to make the attitude seem more effortless still. Even Arthur Fleck would probably approve.

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Salma Hayek

Credit: PA

Prior to the Golden Globes, 53-year-old Salma Hayek had already secured her status as a fashion icon. But despite being in her fifties, the Mexican-American actress proved she could still make jaws hit the floor, all while wearing an elegant Gucci gown with a low-cut blue bodice and cream skirt.


Wesley Snipes

Credit: PA

As discussed, playing a Batman villain doesn’t necessarily doom you to red carpet ignominy. However, with this purple horror, Snipes manages to remind everyone why the OG Joker look hasn’t proved popular in Paris and Milan. More Caesar Romero than style icon, this one probably belongs behind bars in Arkham.

Jennifer Lopez

Credit: PA

Yuletide may be over for another year, but that didn’t stop J-Lo from coming in a belated Christmas costume. Despite the January date, the Hustlers star seems to have been determined to do her best impression of a Christmas cracker. In this case, the inevitable terrible joke seems to have been woven into the alarming green and gold fabric itself. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

Credit: PA

Poor Gwyneth Paltrow probably gets more stick than she deserves - but dresses like this definitely don’t help. A curious combination of belly dancer and shower curtain, perhaps the weirdest thing about this outfit is that her necklace is inside her top. The fact that we can’t tell whether or not this is deliberate is all you need to know. 

Jodie Comer

Credit: PA

It’s always more interesting to watch someone shoot for the moon and miss spectacularly than play it safe. For this reason, we salute Jodie Comer’s decision to come dressed as a green bollard. Yes, it’s ridiculous and impractical, but if we never took risks we’d never get anywhere. So, well done Jodie... Sort of. 

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Of course, it’s easy to point and laugh from the sidelines. If anyone was ever curious enough to trawl through my wardrobe, they’d find plenty of things that are far more embarrassing than a boxy green dress. But, fortunately I have never paraded my Easter Bunny onesie on a Hollywood red carpet. Long may it stay this way.