Waiter falls while carrying four meals, doesn't drop a single plate of food

Waiter falls while carrying four meals, doesn't drop a single plate of food

Surveillance cameras captured the impressive moment a server fell spectacularly to the ground while carrying four plates - and manages not to drop a single one.

Footage of Jamie Shoebridge, the 24-year-old server in question, at Sprinters restaurant in Nottingham, England has since gone viral, impressing many social media users with his evident aptitude for maintaining his grip on plates.

This is the moment the waiter falls to the floor while carrying four meals - but doesn't drop a single plate:

Shoebridge, a supervisor at the restaurant, can be seen in the video leaving the kitchen with a plate of food in one hand, and a tray holding three more plates in the other.

Moments later, however, Shoebridge slips, falls over, knocks over a plant and lands firmly on the ground.

The restaurant, Sprinters, made light of the situation in a post to Facebook, writing:

"We don’t slip up very often but when we do we make sure you get 75% of your order... Well done with to our Jamie who managed to save 3 of 4 meals after falling over... And made the news!!"

"Well done Jamie," the post concludes along with four laughing-crying emojis.

Patrons rushed to the comments to commend the server for the incredible feat.

"Well done Jamie. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much," wrote one, with another adding: "Great save Jamie, you should be playing Rugby."

In a later post, the restaurant, reveling in the unexpected publicity, revealed that LadBible, a UK-based publication, had shared the footage on its Instagram page.

"We take our staff training very seriously and are glad to see that it has come to fruition," said Darren Watt, the area manager for the restaurant, in a statement to Fox News. "Our customer service is of high importance to us and Jamie's selfless act of saving the customers food at no expense to his own safety, has made us very happy indeed. He truly is an outstanding member of staff and we are very grateful to have him!"