YouTuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

YouTuber who kissed his own 'sister' appears to kiss his mom in new video

Earlier this year, YouTube prankster Chris Monroe went viral for a video which showed him kissing his "sister".

Since being posted in April, the video has been viewed over seven million times and received over 115 thousand dislikes. And instead of revelling in the notoriety a little longer, Monroe, who goes under the name PrankInvasion on YouTube, has gone a step further.

Now, he has uploaded a second prank video of him kissing his "mom". Seriously.

This is the shocking video in all its viral glory: 

Addressing the media interest in his first incestuous video, Monroe posted screenshots of its coverage in various news outlets in the second before saying: "This video, we're gonna top my kissing my sister prank video. I'm gonna kiss my mom. It feels so weird to say that but it's going down."

A YouTuber preparing to kiss his mom. Credit: YouTube / PrankInvasion

Monroe said that his idea to kiss his mom was spontaneous, and because of this, he wasn't filming it on his normal camera, but his iPhone - so he apologized for the quality.

Because a man kissing his mom is the kind of thing everyone wants to see in HD...

"Only thing is, I was planning to shoot this video later this week it turned out my mom has an emergency, she's gotta leave the country," he said.

"I couldn't get my normal camera charged in time. This is what I usually shoot with, really nice quality."

"It's either I shoot now on the iPhone or I wait two weeks - and we don't wanna wait two weeks."

A finger pointing at a woman in a kitchen. Credit: YouTube / PrankInvasion

Monroe then goes up to his mom, who is in the kitchen, and makes his proposition by saying: "Mom, the video with Kaitlyn went crazy, it went viral and I just I need, I need you to do the quick game with the kiss for me."


But he protests by saying that it will go viral and coaxes her into a game of rock-paper-scissors. While she wins the first round, he immediately challenges her to a second where he wins - and then they kiss.

A YouTuber and his mom playing rock-paper-scissors. Credit: YouTube / PrankInvasion

While, admittedly, this wasn't the full-on makeout session Monroe had with his sister, he hinted that there was more to come at the end of the video, telling viewers that the next video was "even crazier".